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Sunrise Comes to Santa Cruz

Tired of politicians dragging their feet on climate policy, youth activists are taking the lead. Gathering at the Walnut Commons on Feb....


Illustration by Franky Olivares Drums pound like heartbeats throughout the powwow. Dancers echo the movements of their ancestors,...

‘Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World’

Photo courtesy of Rezolution Pictures In 1958, Shawnee guitarist Link Wray released “Rumble,” a rock ’n’ roll...

Transportation Transformation

Pedestrian safety issues. Inefficient transportation methods. Unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Santa Cruz County now has a plan to address these  problems.

Statewide Overdoses Raise Campus Concern

Illustration by Sabrina Ilumin If morphine is a raindrop, fentanyl is a thunderstorm.