Public Discourse


    Question: What part of your identity is most important to you?

    (from left to right)

    “I guess being a hard worker and trying to get through school, and graduate on time — and have a good sense of humor through it all.”
    Alestair Price
    Third-year, College Eight
    Business management economics

    “I’m Indian and Irish — that’s a really big part of me because I don’t know anybody else who has that. That’s really special to me.”
    Geraldine O’Mara
    First-year, Cowell
    Human biology

    “I’m Canadian — it’s where I got my language and my mindset from.”
    Misha Kelly
    Second-year, Cowell

    “I guess that would have to be my identity as a student and my focus on academics. The pursuit of knowledge is what matters; it’s the centerpiece of my life.”
    David Norman
    Third-year, Merrill