Gopal Balakrishnan Title IX Investigation Concluded


A months-long Title IX investigation concluded UC Santa Cruz professor Gopal Balakrishnan engaged in conduct that violated the UC Policy on Sexual Harassment, which was in place until 2015. The conclusion comes after a letter detailing seven in-depth public accusations of sexual assault and violence and three Title IX complaints sparked the investigation, which began in February. For now, Balakrishnan will remain on paid administrative leave.

Allegations of inappropriate behavior range from attending parties and consuming alcohol and drugs with students to forcing nonconsensual oral sex on an intoxicated undergraduate student circle around the professor.

Campus administration is still in the process of determining what disciplinary action to take next in accordance with the required personnel procedures, according to an email sent to campus staff from Executive Vice Chancellor Marlene Tromp.

The campus will hold a town hall meeting next month to provide updates on the Balakrishnan case, Title IX office, Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE) office and Beyond Compliance initiative. The administration is working on finalizing a date, time and location, according to UC Santa Cruz director of news and media relations Scott Hernandez-Jason.  

Balakrishnan is receiving an annual salary of $110,300 while on paid administrative leave.

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