‘A Raisin in the Sun’

The Play Lorraine Hansberry planted 1959’s social issues into her social drama “A Raisin in the Sun” and its groundbreaking universality enthralled Broadway, making her...

‘Our Africa’: African Student Union Seventh Annual Cultural Show

What makes Africa special?” an emcee asked a crowd of about 250 people at the African Student Union’s (ASU) seventh annual cultural show. “It’s where...

From School to Prison and Back

Edgar Fuentes* was 10 the first time he smoked meth, 12 the first time he went to juvenile hall, and 13 when he was...

Multiverse of Body, Sound, Light

From “imagination” to “transformation” to “multiverse,” the theme of this year’s Random with a Purpose explores the ways different mediums of art can contribute...

Spain and Portugal’s Jewish and Arabic Baroque Music

Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic songs rang through the Music Center Recital hall during the Santa Cruz Baroque festival on April 29. Many of the...

Bayanihan Discusses Anti-Blackness

A play unfolds with the shocking death of a young college student, Ramona. The play’s subsequent trial frames a Pilipinx community’s struggle with internalized...


Nationwide, transgender people are faced with gender norm policing and oppression by cisgender privilege daily. While visibility around trans oppression has increased socially,  agency...

Bringing the Bay to Santa Cruz

Two mothers, a recent high school graduate and an ex-backup singer were among the five Bay Area performers that dropped their beats and lyrics...

Performances, Food & Community Celebration

Cumbia or line dance, the performances captivated the audience for six straight hours. Samosas or Fruta Picada, the food kept attendees in line for...

‘F*ck Your Beauty Standards’

Media’s restrictive portrayal of beauty, comments from family members and beauty products aimed to lighten skin are only a few ways false beauty standards...


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