Performances, Food & Community Celebration

Cumbia or line dance, the performances captivated the audience for six straight hours. Samosas or Fruta Picada, the food kept attendees in line for...

How Much Work Goes into Multicultural Festival?

With the theme of “Cultivating Love & Resilience,” the 39th annual Multicultural Festival  (MCF) promises to uphold its tradition of bringing together different cultures...

Past and Present

Though underreported and underappreciated, Black people have been present in the territory that is now Santa Cruz County for centuries. In 1995, late professional...

Art for the Community

The hood of an old truck painted with neon roses. A woven Maidu basket pulled from the museum’s archives. Visitors drawing, stamping and conversing...

Memories of Black Womanhood

Morgan Jerkins, feminist author, reflected on her experiences as a Black girl growing up with internal pressure to emulate white beauty standards. She described...

Japanese Drum Beats, Music and Carnival Games

An audience sits transfixed as the powerful beats from Japanese taiko drums echo through the hall, strong enough for attendees to feel in their...

Anakbayan Holds Space for Inclusive Approach to Housing Justice

Ten blocks were forced into one as Manilatown, San Francisco experienced a devastating loss of culture in the 1970s. When San Francisco’s push for...

Open studios: an inside look

The Elena Baskin Visual Arts Center bustles with activity this week as students work to complete the finishing touches on their artwork. It’ll be...

Just be Yourself

Everyone wants to be liked, but what if one’s fear of not having control over that leads to serious health effects? How does one...

Bringing Tradition to Life

Over 100 painted faces walk along Pacific Avenue, some in bright dresses with hair full of orange marigolds. Fe Silva-Robles, program director for Senderos,...


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