‘When in Doubt, Bhangra it Out’

Rocking vibrant and ornate Punjabi suits known as salwar kameez, the UC Santa Cruz Bhangra Dance Team, called Apna Virsa, hyped the crowd with...

Performances, Food & Community Celebration

Cumbia or line dance, the performances captivated the audience for six straight hours. Samosas or Fruta Picada, the food kept attendees in line for...

The Fight Isn’t Over

“Walkout! Walkout!” In 1968, students in East Los Angeles high schools realized they weren’t receiving access to the same opportunities as their peers. After months...

Alumni of Color Forgotten By Administration

Starting in January, UC Santa Cruz adorned campus with celebratory banners of notable alumni. The alumni site deems 2018 “the year of the alumni, ...

An Artsy Post-UCSC Prospect

Critical thinking and flexibility are two important skills to have in the job market. These skills, ingrained into art majors throughout their course work...

‘Our Africa’: African Student Union Seventh Annual Cultural Show

What makes Africa special?” an emcee asked a crowd of about 250 people at the African Student Union’s (ASU) seventh annual cultural show. “It’s where...

Anakbayan Holds Space for Inclusive Approach to Housing Justice

Ten blocks were forced into one as Manilatown, San Francisco experienced a devastating loss of culture in the 1970s. When San Francisco’s push for...

Kresge Pride Remembers Stonewall

A chorus of “transphobia has got to go” rose from a group of about 40 marchers as they began climbing up Merrill hill after...

How Much Work Goes into Multicultural Festival?

With the theme of “Cultivating Love & Resilience,” the 39th annual Multicultural Festival  (MCF) promises to uphold its tradition of bringing together different cultures...

Review: Humans vs. Robots

UC Santa Cruz graduate student Abel Cornejo brought one of the first ever sci-fi plays back to life this past weekend, with a modernized...


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