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Arts & Entertainment

The Art and Science of Juggling

A juggler unicycled and tossed clubs to a partner, while a circle of people balanced balls on their heads. An artist rolled a staff...

Bouquet of the People

Joel Alexander Escobedo’s housemate hung roses off the light fixtures of their home. As the rose chandelier dried and became pale, Escobedo said this...

Exploring Gender Identity Through Traditional Asian Theater

Drama, Masks & Gender Fluidity “He or she — love is love,” said Panji, a colorfully clad character played by Naomi Grunst, surrounded by...

Confronting Racism and Gentrification

Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, a 28-year-old security guard and devout Buddhist, was eating a burrito on the top of Bernal Heights Park when four police...

Laborers: the Unspoken Narrative

A mother and daughter push against loose mud to haul a ship up a river. A stooped woman shoulders a bale of hay. These...

Looking to the Future, Recalling the Past

The Temptations are blasting from an eight-track and a raised, black fist is painted on the wall. It’s 1967 in Detroit, Michigan and Motown...

Honoring the Afro-Latinx Beat

Pa-chang-a. Noun. 1. A musical genre derived from the Latin American adoption and integration of African rhythmic music. 2. A Cuban dance of crafty footwork. 3. A term...

Overcoming Borders

Borderlands — borders in identities, memories, psyches and dreams ­— are where contradicting elements within religion or gender identity lie. Naima Shalhoub said it...

Spoken Love

This is my face / Framed by my short coarse hair that I started loving too late / Sparse eyebrows sit insecurely above puzzled...

The Things We Keep

From baby shoes to human teeth and puppets to old letters — these are the objects we hold dear. People collect souvenirs to mark...


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