Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Día de los Muertos: From Childhood to College

Lighting candles is a tradition that radiates on Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Flames illuminate the path for spirits of...

Words of Empowerment

Rapper and activist Mona Haydar’s politically charged “Hijabi” music video screened on stage at the HOPE International Music Festival. Meanwhile, about 100 UC Santa...

What Does it Take to be on Haluan?

Dancers mirrored one another’s fluid torso twists or moved with eyes closed and headphones on, whipping out sharp movements at the Haluan Hip-Hop Dance...

Interaction Instead of Transaction

Mayor Cynthia Chase called for President Trump’s impeachment in front of a crowd of over 100 at Santa Cruz Indivisible’s (SCI) first ResistFest. Santa...

Visibility for Student Artists

Unlike students in other majors, who are writing final papers or studying for exams, art students at UC Santa Cruz are binding photo books...

The Future of Art on Display

Art student Camille Mariet, like many art students, felt disconnected from her work in her fourth year of college. She felt like she wasn’t...

Challenging Machismo

Forty years ago, Luis Valdez created “Zoot Suit” to draw attention to Chicano culture in mainstream media. Now, Luis Valdez’s son, director Kinan Valdez,...

Self-Care Before Finals

The bass thumps as trap music blares from the speaker. Students laugh through their poses as instructor TrapYogaBae tells them to shake their heads,...

Embracing a World of Culture

Thirty-seven years ago, a small group of students gathered at the Quarry Amphitheater for the first Multicultural Festival. Throughout the years, the event has...

High Tech Art

An interface is a shared boundary of information, not only between computer systems, but also between art and innovation. The Santa Cruz Arts and Technology...


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