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Arts & Entertainment

Self-Care Before Finals

The bass thumps as trap music blares from the speaker. Students laugh through their poses as instructor TrapYogaBae tells them to shake their heads,...

Embracing a World of Culture

Thirty-seven years ago, a small group of students gathered at the Quarry Amphitheater for the first Multicultural Festival. Throughout the years, the event has...

High Tech Art

An interface is a shared boundary of information, not only between computer systems, but also between art and innovation. The Santa Cruz Arts and Technology...

Opening the Curtains on Mental Health

The room was dimly lit with a blue haze as the crowd watched from the shadows of the main stage theater. It brightened as...

Discussing the French Elections

French voters took to the polls on April 23 for the first of two rounds of voting for the presidential election. Voters chose from...

Celebrating Native Culture and Community

In the U.S. there are currently over 560 Indian tribes recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Over 100 of these are in California,...

Slugs in Stilettos

Ornamented with stiletto heels, leotards and shimmering highlighter, the UC Santa Cruz queer community celebrated the annual Drag Ball — a brave space for...

Crafting Social Change

In the rooftop sculpture garden, a shamisen plays as a storyteller, Megumi, recites Japanese folklore. In the silent room next door, expressive photographs of...

Unspoken Narratives: Bringing Race Into Discussion

Peripeteia. A sudden change in circumstances. The turn in your stomach when watching footage of police brutality toward Black people — Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland,...

The Struggles of Modern Migration

A man deported and trapped in a country foreign to him, a woman bound in servitude to her employer — these stories echoed within...


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