Slugs in Stilettos

Ornamented with stiletto heels, leotards and shimmering highlighter, the UC Santa Cruz queer community celebrated the annual Drag Ball — a brave space for...

Words of Empowerment

Rapper and activist Mona Haydar’s politically charged “Hijabi” music video screened on stage at the HOPE International Music Festival. Meanwhile, about 100 UC Santa...

Lifting the Veil of Invisibility

Quotes have been translated from Spanish Afro-Mexicans are a forgotten community. Their history and culture are not represented in larger Mexican history and their presence...

Skin Deep

With 11 tattoos on her arms and legs, UC Santa Cruz student Cat Heavey has gone to great lengths to hide them in the...

Opening the Curtains on Mental Health

The room was dimly lit with a blue haze as the crowd watched from the shadows of the main stage theater. It brightened as...

‘We Feed You’ Art Exhibit Exposes Realities of Agricultural Work

“We Feed You” is a touring exhibit by Victor Cartagena, who relocated to the Bay Area from El Salvador following the Salvadoran Civil War....

Visibility for Student Artists

Unlike students in other majors, who are writing final papers or studying for exams, art students at UC Santa Cruz are binding photo books...


A pair of attendees exchanged looks of discovery as they balanced on a teeter-totter. Jairo Banuelos’ interactive sculpture at the Irwin Scholars reception on...

The Art and Science of Juggling

A juggler unicycled and tossed clubs to a partner, while a circle of people balanced balls on their heads. An artist rolled a staff...

West Fest Takes UCSC

The College Eight upper-lawn morphed from a quiet grassy plains to a music festival on Feb. 26 for West Fest. KZSC, College Eight and Oakes...


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