‘The Normal Heart’ Historicizes AIDS Crisis

This November, students can learn more about the history and struggle for gay rights in UC Santa Cruz’s live theater performance “The Normal Heart,” showing Nov. 1-10 in the experimental theater.

Winners of Fellowship Exhibit Eclectic Work

Every day for the next month and a half, Rocky Lewycky is systematically destroying one of the ceramic animals of his installation art on display at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH).

A Digital Universe

“Can you imagine organizing on the internet to save your building, stop a war or start a labor movement?” A digital 9-year-old girl urges viewers...

Fit for a Queen

It was hard to miss. Three feet long and covered in sequins, the “disco dick” turned heads as Brent Farmer walked onstage at Drag...

LEDs Over Ivory Towers

When the sun set on downtown Santa Cruz last Friday night, local artists and organizers replaced the darkness with bright lights, interactive digital art...

Rainbow Theater Packs Stevenson Event Center

  “ a lot of layers to theater,” said Cultural Arts and Diversity director Don Williams. “It’s like an onion. The more you coat, layer...

Electrified on the West Side

As festival season approaches, the same names tend to appear on lineup announcements across the country. Most musicians are selected by popular demand, attracting...

Fusions of Dance

Standing simultaneously, dancers allured the sold out crowd at the Theater Arts Center’s Second Stage as darkness filled the room during the opening act...

The Same Old Story

Sequels, prequels, reboots and spin-offs — from “Ghostbusters” to “Beauty and the Beast,” media franchises are at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Of...

Bouquet of the People

Joel Alexander Escobedo’s housemate hung roses off the light fixtures of their home. As the rose chandelier dried and became pale, Escobedo said this...


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