Nationwide, transgender people are faced with gender norm policing and oppression by cisgender privilege daily. While visibility around trans oppression has increased socially,  agency...

Laborers: the Unspoken Narrative

A mother and daughter push against loose mud to haul a ship up a river. A stooped woman shoulders a bale of hay. These...

Lo-Fi Legends: Guided By Voices

Forged in beer can littered basements of Dayton, Ohio circa 1983, Guided By Voices spent years making music before garnering interest outside their immediate circle of friends. Noted for their hissy, lo-fidelity sound, four track to cassette recordings and prolific songwriting, Guided By Voices have become an influential touchstone for indie rock bands.

Letting Go of the American Dream

About 60 listeners absorbed lines from Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me.” Coates himself was not present, yet his words rang out through...

Photo Gallery: Santa Cruz Music Festival

The third annual Santa Cruz Music Festival hit downtown last weekend, with a line-up stacked with over 100 bands. The local and semi-local acts...

Santa Cruz Celebrates Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos came to Santa Cruz’s Museum of Art and History last weekend, allowing community members to come together to celebrate deceased loved ones. Attendees took part in arts and crafts, watched dance and musical performances, ate dinner and more.

The Rule of Thirds

Three lives. Three alumni. Three glimpses. The Sesnon Gallery is hosting a new exhibit, called “Three Lives in Photography,” which displays the work of three UC Santa Cruz alumni photographers, from now until May 10. Curated by Sesnon director Shelby Graham, the exhibit celebrates the varying differences in form and content between each alumnus’ artistic preoccupations.

Voices Fill the Void

Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, a writer and performer from New York, presented her three act play Say You Heard My Echo at the Stevenson Event Center last weekend as presented by the Cultural Arts and Diversity Resource Center, Student Union Assembly, and Rainbow Theater.

HOPE Brings Afro-Brazillian Arts

The seventh annual Spring International Festival is coming back on April 13, highlighting youth empowerment and the Afro-Brazilian Arts Movement. The event will have performances by SC local band SambaDá, dance lessons, a drum circle and more.

12th Annual Birth of Word Festival

The 12th annual Birth of Word festival brought together a collection of dancers, poets and performers who expressed the importance of self-care, treating others...


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