Intersecting Mediums of Justice

Some quotes have been translated from Spanish. Screen prints, photographs and zines represent more than an outlet for artistic expression. Regardless of the medium, “Emerging...

Japanese Drum Beats, Music and Carnival Games

An audience sits transfixed as the powerful beats from Japanese taiko drums echo through the hall, strong enough for attendees to feel in their...

Annual Drum Feast Celebrates Indigenous Cultures

The smell of copal, a sacred incense used in rituals, celebrations and offerings, filled the air as the Fresno American Indian Veterans Association Color...

Historical Paintings and Modern Installations

At UC Santa Cruz, anyone who passes the Koi Pond will walk by the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery, but the significance behind its...

Royalty Has Arrived… in Drag

*Drag names used for anonymity. In her stilettos and a form-fitting black dress with leopard print, professional drag queen Kylie Minono opened the 23rd...

Emotional Experiences of Black Men

Through community engagement and an emphasis on vulnerability, The Confess Project, an agency focused on education and awareness of mental health, and its CEO...

12th Annual Birth of Word Festival

The 12th annual Birth of Word festival brought together a collection of dancers, poets and performers who expressed the importance of self-care, treating others...

UCSC Musicians Influenced by Today’s Socio-Political Tensions

As the auditorium hall rumbled from a wall of static noise, international news broadcasts roared from the venue’s speakers, and auto-tuned Malaysian news recording...

‘We Feed You’ Art Exhibit Exposes Realities of Agricultural Work

“We Feed You” is a touring exhibit by Victor Cartagena, who relocated to the Bay Area from El Salvador following the Salvadoran Civil War....

Lifting the Veil of Invisibility

Quotes have been translated from Spanish Afro-Mexicans are a forgotten community. Their history and culture are not represented in larger Mexican history and their presence...


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