Library Purges Print Collection

More than 80,000 texts were permanently removed without faculty approval from the Science and Engineering (S&E) Library last summer to make room for renovated...

Empowering Survivors, Educating the Public

The streets of San Francisco filled in solidarity in the darkness of night in 1987 to protest sexual assault and violence. Almost 40 years...

The Key to Food Security

California college students frequently choose between eating unhealthy meals or skipping them altogether. Food insecurity is a continuous issue for students. The University of...

Title IX Case Reveals Systemic Concerns

*Name has been withheld for anonymity. Last academic year, Emma* joined 233 other UC Santa Cruz community members in filing a Title IX report. Her...

No Representation Without Proving Taxation

The unbroken line of about 1,300 demonstrators in downtown Santa Cruz on April 15 spanned a quarter mile along Pacific Avenue, from Church Street...

‘Transcending Our Wounds of Oppression’

Representation in higher education matters, and Engaging Education (e2) has been working to go beyond simply admitting students from historically underrepresented communities through its...

Decrease in Arrests, Medical Calls and Attendance on 4/20

Four arrests were made on and around the UC Santa Cruz campus during the unsanctioned 4/20 gathering today. Among them, California Highway Patrol arrested 67...

Local Action on the Climate Crisis

The battle to ensure a steady and safe climate seems to have come to a standstill. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on...

Santa Cruz Warriors Eliminated From Playoffs

The Santa Cruz Warriors were defeated by the Oklahoma City Blue, losing 124-104 in the deciding third game in the best of three series...

The Art and Science of Juggling

A juggler unicycled and tossed clubs to a partner, while a circle of people balanced balls on their heads. An artist rolled a staff...


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