Capitola Bans Commercial Marijuana

In addition to denying a building permit application to open a medical marijuana commercial grow, Capitola bans the sale of medical marijuana altogether.

On the Local Ballot

With the nonstop debates, shocking headlines and endless newsreels of the presidential election, the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can feel all-consuming...

Housing Projects on Track

Stevenson College apartments are completed and are expected to be funded by money recouped in a lawsuit versus Devcon Construction. The regents are seeking an estimated $50 million — $40 million for infill apartment remodeling, $8 million for lost revenue and additional expenses and $2 million for attorney and expert fees. The trial is currently set for January 2015.

Standing in Solidarity with UAW

“We have learned here [at] the university that we need to be united,” said 10-year AFSCME dining hall worker Maria Padilla.

Student Voting Rights Act Passes

After a year-long attempt to pass the Student Voting Rights Act, which could register over 2.5 million students, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB-2455 into...

Fighting for a Living Wage

Christa Mercado, a fleet service coordinator at UC Santa Cruz, marched alongside her coworkers, fellow union members and allies at UCSCs west entrance at...

Investigative Journalist Visits UCSC

In December 2013, Anabel Hernández’s home was broken into by a group of masked men. Hernández and her family were away but the men...

Prayer Connects Students, Community, Environment

Muslim students gathered last Friday to pray for rain amid the drought. Student led prayers spoke of our footprint on nature, ethical consumerism, and spreading knowledge.

Compost: A Path to a Greener Community

In a landscape full of potentially harmful, genetically modified foods, many health conscious people are turning toward organically grown produce, though high costs for organic products can prevent even the healthiest eaters from getting the natural fruits and vegetables they desire. However, there is hope as sustainable gardening and composting techniques have made organic foods not only delicious but also affordable.

Sequencing the Slug

"‘Sequence the mascot’s genome!’ is not a cry one usually hears coming from a university,” said UC Santa Cruz alumnus Ken Wagman. “It’s not...


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