Fire Near College Eight

UCSC campus police responded to a call regarding a fire near College Eight on Sunday Oct. 6. The fire was called in anonymously at 3:17 a.m. and five departments including the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the Santa Cruz Fire Department and the Scott’s Valley’s Fire Department responded.

El Centro Hosts National Activists

Around 30 students and community members gathered today to speak out against the injustices against Latinx people in the U.S. and more specifically the...

Outreach for Agency

By Alexa Lomberg Last year at UC Santa Cruz, 18.6 percent of admitted students accepted their offer to attend the university — 57 of who...

City Water Usage Hits Record-Low Levels

The City of Santa Cruz ended 2015 with its lowest water consumption levels in 50 years. Much of the cutback was due to severe...

Digitizing the Past

Studies of the intra-American slave trade reveal a limited understanding of the forced migration of millions of Africans onto this continent. UC Santa Cruz associate history professor Greg...

From Hashtag To Hope

By Connor Jang and Georgia Johnson “What might we achieve if we believed that freedom could come about in our lifetime?” Black Lives Matter (BLM)...

Debunking Stigmas Around STIs

College campuses are places where people interact with new environments and ideas. They also provide a space to explore one’s sexuality. “College permits a lot...

Love for Days

While Valentine’s Day in the U.S. is only one day for couples and friends to show their love, Korea takes the festivities to another...

An Evolving Assembly

While all student governing bodies grapple with member turnover and voter engagement, UC Santa Cruz’s Student Union Assembly (SUA) had at least five members ...

Plans in Place for Amping up the Quarry

Committee plans to reconstruct the beautiful but neglected Quarry plaza, plans to be set in stone by this summer.


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