UPDATE: Campus Assault Classified as Hate Crime

City on a Hill Press will continue to update this story as it develops. Update November 17, 5:30 p.m. : UC Santa Cruz Police Department (UCSC...

Finding Sustainable Solutions for Water Shortage

Since Dec. 2, there has been .82 inches of rainfall. Though the rain helps, it’s nowhere near the 12 inches needed to end water...

White Supremacy Package Reported

White supremacy packages were reported on campus — at Merrill College, College Nine/Ten, McHenry library and the KZSC radio station — as well as...

Following Review, Divestment Bill Fails Over Technical Error

Following a 17-day review by Student Union Assembly (SUA) president Shaz Umer, the University Socially Responsible Investment Resolution (USRIR) failed due to a technical error.

What’s Happening at UCSC’s Trailer Park?

UC Santa Cruz originally built its 42-trailer Camper Park in the ‘80s to address a housing shortage. Now, in the midst of a new...

Half of Frosh Applicants Admitted to UCSC

UC Santa Cruz received an all-time high number of applications for fall 2016 — 49,135 prospective freshman and another 9,969 transfer students. Over spring...

In Memoriam: Shayne Coppedge

“It was very sudden. You can never really prepare for these kinds of things,” said Cana Jenkins, the older sister of recent UCSC graduate...

‘From Ferguson to Palestine’ to Santa Cruz

By Montse Reyes & Ramona Parrotta “There has been an unbroken line of racist police killings since the era of slavery,” said scholar, author and...

Officers Block Police Department Entrance

About 50 protesters marched to the UC Santa Cruz Police Department on Wednesday and were met by over 20 UC police officers in riot...

How Plants Get Dirty

Somewhere in Australia, a Cryptostylis orchid is about to trick an unsuspecting wasp into getting down and dirty with it. Pseudocopulation, where a plant has evolved to resemble a certain insect in order to hoodwink others of the same species into having (pseudo)sex with it, is only one of the hundreds of techniques employed by plants to spread their pollen.


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