City Declares Fiscal Emergency, Puts Sales Tax on June Ballot

Santa Cruz City Council declared a fiscal emergency during the most recent meeting on Tuesday afternoon and moved to place a sales tax on...

Advocating for Inclusive Sustainability

A 2016 survey by UCSC People of Color Sustainability Collective (PoCSC) showed that only 74 percent of students of color felt that people of...

Stop, Swab and Save a Life

UCSC Holds Fourth Annual Bone Marrow Donor Registration

Social Sciences Receives $7.4 Million in Research Grants

Exploring the dimensions of research grants provided to the social sciences division of UCSC, assistant dean of the division, Kyle Eischen enlightens those who are unfamiliar with the great benefits of research, and researchers are interviewed on what type of projects they’re undertaking.

Tuition on the Table

UC President Janet Napolitano will propose a 2.5 percent annual tuition increase of $282 for in-state students and an increase of $54 to the...

National Academy of Sciences Elects Two UCSC Professors to Membership

At 6 a.m. the phone rang, awaking James Estes. “Why the hell is someone calling this early?” he thought, groggily picking up the phone. On the other end, the familiar voice of a colleague congratulated him: “Welcome to the National Academy.”Estes remained silent in astonishment. “I literally could not speak,” Estes reflected. “I was so overwhelmed.”

Update: Six Students Arrested During Protest on Highway 17

Updated: 3/5, 12:20 a.m. By Alexa Lomberg, Montse Reyes and Lauren Romero Six UC Santa Cruz students were arrested on one felony charge — conspiracy to...

Mass Sea Star Death Leaves Researchers Perplexed

All along the Pacific coast, from Southern California to British Columbia, sea stars are mysteriously dying. Marine ecologists at UC Santa Cruz tracked this...

UC Laborers Union Protest Pay Wage

About 30 protesters representing the Teamsters Local 2010 union of over 14,000 UC clerical and administrative employees gathered in Quarry Plaza on Aug. 16, denouncing the two-month bargaining delay for a...

LSS Referenda Fails

Although all measures for the campus spring elections failed due to low voter turnout, Measure 56, a referendum for increased funding to Learning Support Services (LSS), received 67 percent support. It would have passed if the voting threshold was met.


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