Quarry Vigil Confronts Anti-Blackness and Islamophobia

A group of about 20 students gathered in Quarry Plaza Tuesday morning around a poster reading “Black Muslims Matter,” to grieve for the three...

Redwoods Cleared for Development

Andrew Austin, a UC Santa Cruz student, said he felt shocked when he received a text message over spring break saying 53 trees were...

Queer People of Color Celebrate Unity

New student organization, Queer People of Color, establishes safe community within the campus.

Speakers Recount Stories of Survival

Holocaust survivors Ben Stern and Gitta Ryle share their experiences with UCSC

$34 Million Recouped in Infill Apartment Lawsuit

The UC Board of Regents is nearing a $32 million settlement with Devcon Construction and various subcontractors over claims of faulty construction at the...

Challenging Machismo

Forty years ago, Luis Valdez created “Zoot Suit” to draw attention to Chicano culture in mainstream media. Now, Luis Valdez’s son, director Kinan Valdez,...

Stand-Up for Change

“Being disoriented is sort of a natural experience if you are not of an identity that’s in the status quo,” comedian Jenny Yang said. With...

The Struggle Against Expansion

Santa Cruz Forest Keepers launch their first meeting in opposition of UCSC’s Long Range Development Plan.

Sharing the Weight

Hands reached up to collectively carry a mattress, each person equally bearing the burden. “The mattress represents the weight those who survive sexual violence on...

State Audit Says UCOP Mishandling Budget, Holding Excess Reserve Funding

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has accumulated a $175 million unreported surplus and conducted questionable budget practices, according to a...


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