Student Activists Halt Chancellor Search Committee Meeting

Surrounded by student activists pressing forward, third-year Jared Semana was at the front of the police line when UC Santa Cruz police officer Robert...

Moving Forward from Budget Mismanagement

Reconvening at the Cervantes and Velasquez room above Quarry Plaza, Student Union Assembly (SUA) officials and UC Santa Cruz ethnic organization representatives met at...

Basic Needs Cafe Opens

About 48 percent of UC undergraduates experience food insecurity, according to a 2016 UC-wide study. In an effort to combat food insecurity at UC Santa...

UAW Local 2865 Holds Hearing for its Executive Board

After a union vote that snubbed the top priorities of 95 percent of union workers and suppressed dissenting votes, the validity of the student-worker...

Vice Provost Hosts Second Cafe for Strategic Academic Plan

Vice Provost Herbie Lee hosted the second SAP informational pop-up, or “Cafe SAP,”  from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the Jack Baskin Engineering courtyard...

Respect the Land

The Amah Mutsun creation story tells that in the beginning, the world was water. Creator placed hawk, hummingbird and eagle on a sacred peak...

Campus Seeks New Chancellor

Since Chancellor George Blumenthal announced his year-end retirement, the UC Santa Cruz campus has been buzzing with the question of who could potentially fill...

Vigil for Pittsburgh Synagogue

Quarry Plaza was busy as always on Monday morning, but amid the typical hubbub, a somber bubble of silence rested on the shoulders of...

SUA Misuses Programming Funds

Sage the Gemini performed at UC Santa Cruz on Oct. 20 to over 2,500 students. Miscommunication surrounding Student Union Assembly (SUA) use of general...

Millennials: Fighting For Change or Failing to Turn Out?

Home is a confusing thing when you’re a college student. Is it where you grew up? Where your college is located? A little bit...


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