This Week in Photos

Fire near ARC intentionally set by unknown person

Reinstatement of Community Studies Keeps Slugs Questioning Authority

Community studies, a signature facet of UC Santa Cruz’s progressive identity, has been reinstated in order to maintain its commitment to foster social and economic justice.

Reimagining Change Through Activism

Afrikan Black Coalition brings their annual conference back to UCSC, its birthplace, after 11 years. Students from all the UCs and other universities will delve into the theme of “Re-imaging Black Activism” to address inequities in their community

Through Our Lens: The Power of the Student Voice

As an exchange student from South Africa, I find it interesting to compare the student voice at UCSC with my experiences back home. The similarities are uncanny — there is unquestionable power in the student voice through its conviction, dynamism and (sometimes naïve) optimism. After spending one day at the Practical Activism Conference at UCSC earlier this quarter, I can see these qualities applied to both the students of Cape Town and Santa Cruz.

Fostering a Global Community

Walk past College Nine to the small plot of grass near Social Sciences II and you’ll be looking at the International Living Center (ILC), a building currently hosting a mix of about 100 international and California students. Yet this count may change, as the number of international students is on the rise.

Queer People of Color Celebrate Unity

New student organization, Queer People of Color, establishes safe community within the campus.

Small Pledge for a Big Change

The Chancellor’s Sustainability Challenge officially launched this fall, offering students the opportunity to evaluate their waste and steps to reduce it.

Student Environmental Center Creates Blueprints for Sustainability

UCSC students within the Student Environmental Center, a completely student led and student funded organization, not only implement their own projects and campaigns to make the campus more sustainable, but also learn how to work together to educate their peers about sustainable practices.

Slug Shuttle Only Measure for Special Election

Measure 55, the proposed Slug Shuttle fee, will be the only measure offered during the special election, which begins Nov. 21 and ends Nov. 27.

Searching for a #Solution

Megan Gnekow, a CRE for Porter College, brings attention to campus cleanliness in a unique way.