Panelists Challenge Systemic Racism

Timid snaps of solidarity echoed through the College Nine and College Ten Multipurpose Room last Tuesday, but grew louder and stronger with every panelist’s...

Historical Paintings and Modern Installations

At UC Santa Cruz, anyone who passes the Koi Pond will walk by the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery, but the significance behind its...

Tuition Freeze May End After 2014-15 School Year

Higher education is becoming an exceedingly costly option for students. Student loan debt surpassed $1 trillion in 2013, placing it as the second highest form of consumer debt behind mortgages. The graduating class of 2014 set a record for being the most indebted class ever, with an average of $33,000 per student.

Understanding Summer Campus Changes

UC Santa Cruz continues to operate during the summer and big changes can occur by the time the new academic year begins. This summer...

Arts, Humanities and Sciences Interconnected

The new department of computational media in the Baskin School of Engineering aims to fuse research approaches of arts and humanities with those of computer science, creating an interdisciplinary field that evaluates, explores and enables the computer as a medium for innovation.

Fossil Free UC Marches for Divestment

Around 60 people participated in a walkout and gathered in Quarry Plaza on Jan. 23, protesting the billions of dollars of UC investments in...

Fighting for a Living Wage

Christa Mercado, a fleet service coordinator at UC Santa Cruz, marched alongside her coworkers, fellow union members and allies at UCSCs west entrance at...

Driving up the Cost of Parking

UC Santa Cruz’s Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) crafted a proposal for the spring ballot to increase the cost of parking permits and the...

Rundown on the Regents

The University of California regents met at UCLA on Sept. 14 and 15, where the 26 voting members on the governing board of the...


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