Deconstructing the National Defense Authorization Act

The Romero Institute is working to strengthen Santa Cruz’s April 10, 2012 anti-NDAA resolution and to make Santa Cruz a Constitutional Protection Zone.

Klingon Creator Returns to UCSC

As part of the 9th Amah Mutsun Speaker Series hosted by UCSC’s American Indian Resource Center (AIRC), UCSC alumnus and creator of “Star Trek’s” Klingon and Vulcan languages Marc Okrand spoke at a public campus event on Nov. 9.

Supporting Sustainable Projects Through the Carbon Fund

A lighting retrofit for the Santa Cruz Wharf, a bike generator for local youth and an energy dashboard to provoke behavior change are just some of the student projects chosen by the Carbon Fund committee last year. Now entering its fourth year, the Carbon Fund has supported 20 projects since its start in 2010.

Santa Cruz Considers Mandating Microchips

Santa Cruz may become the first county in the state to require microchip identification for cats and dogs.

Tutoring Services in Need of Funding

Failing a midterm, failing a class, or withdrawing from the university are realities students face every quarter. While the UC budget crisis decreased funding for many aspects of the university, one campus unit has been forced to seek funds from students in order to continue services for upcoming years.

Compost: A Path to a Greener Community

In a landscape full of potentially harmful, genetically modified foods, many health conscious people are turning toward organically grown produce, though high costs for organic products can prevent even the healthiest eaters from getting the natural fruits and vegetables they desire. However, there is hope as sustainable gardening and composting techniques have made organic foods not only delicious but also affordable.

Permanent Camp for the Houseless Proposed

High school teacher Stacy Falls and filmmaker Brent Adams are working together to create an alternative solution for houselessness in Santa Cruz. However, before they can establish their vision for a permanent campground for up to 50 houseless people, Adams and Falls must gain support from the community and its leaders.

$730,000 Sows Seeds for Sustainable Future

Recently, UC Santa Cruz’s environmental studies department received a sizable opportunity to invest in more extensive research and broaden their academic horizons.

Bright Futures for Bright Students

Entering college represents a new chapter in a student’s life — a time when excited minds are asked to polish their voices and translate thoughts into words.

Bike Accident Results in Fatality

A UC Santa Cruz library worker and alumnus was killed in a bike accident while traveling along Highway 1 on Nov. 2.


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