City Holds Interactive Forum on Housing Development

About 90 community members walked the halls of the Louden Nelson Community Center on May 15 as they went freely from room to room...

A Conference with Blumenthal and Galloway

City on a Hill Press (CHP): This year marks the 34th year since the inception of TWANAS press collective, or the Third World And...

Challenging the Carbon Conundrum

The University of California wants to be carbon neutral by 2025 and it needs students, faculty and staff on board to do it. On Oct....

Stoked on Spokes

The purpose behind bike riding can be different for everyone. Some people want to go fast and others just want to get to their destination.

Lost Identities of the Hijab

For Nur, the hijab is liberation, not oppression. For Dian, the hijab is about having a connection with God. For Mahsa, religion is not...

Future For DACA Beyond March 5

U.S. District State Judge William Alsup ruled that the Trump administration’s actions to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is illegal in...

Where are Santa Cruz’s New Voters?

The 2016 presidential election is well underway and one can hardly turn to a smartphone or computer screen without being reminded of it. Broadcast...

Past and Present SOMeCA Students Reflect

“Wherever SOMeCA alumni go, we bring a sense of openness and principle and a dedication to dialogue in the true sense of the word,” Sayo Fujioka said to all of the alumni and students in the room. “That is, we exchange ideas with an openness and looking forward to emerging change in a different direction, and that’s rare, and we all do it wherever we go.”

Failing to Address Anti-Blackness, Once Again

I attended this conference as a participant and this article includes my perspective. The most important thing I took away from the UC Student Association...

Students Fight for Future of Athletics

UC Santa Cruz announced in 2014 that student athletes had four years to acquire $2 million in funding or lose NCAA sports. The first attempt...


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