Search for New Chancellor Continues

Eight committee members, 24 students, 188 empty seats. Despite the effort to gather outside input for the chancellor search committee by conducting a town...

Campus Sexual Harassment Meeting

In response to audit recommendations from the State of California, the UC is proposing a series of updates to its Title IX policy. Seeking to...


At about 5 a.m. on an October morning, two houseless people were tucked away beneath the arch of a Pacific Avenue doorway. Red and...

Kresge’s New Look Ready for Review

Kresge College, shadowed by redwoods and most accessible by pedestrian bridge, is slated for renovation in fall of 2021. What many remember as an...

Weakened Housing Guarantees Impact EOP and Transfer Students

As California spirals deeper into a housing crisis, students feel the pressure. At UC Santa Cruz, reduced housing guarantees and increasing admissions mean on-campus...

Renters and Landlords Clash at City Council Meeting

A tense crowd of about 114 people filled Santa Cruz City Hall to capacity, with about 100 people looking on from outside, during the Nov....

Student Activists Halt Chancellor Search Committee Meeting

Surrounded by student activists pressing forward, third-year Jared Semana was at the front of the police line when UC Santa Cruz police officer Robert...

Moving Forward from Budget Mismanagement

Reconvening at the Cervantes and Velasquez room above Quarry Plaza, Student Union Assembly (SUA) officials and UC Santa Cruz ethnic organization representatives met at...

Lay Down Our Arms

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 2018, the Santa Cruz clock tower tolled to mark 100 years...

Basic Needs Cafe Opens

About 48 percent of UC undergraduates experience food insecurity, according to a 2016 UC-wide study. In an effort to combat food insecurity at UC Santa...


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