UAW Local 2865 Holds Hearing for its Executive Board

After a union vote that snubbed the top priorities of 95 percent of union workers and suppressed dissenting votes, the validity of the student-worker...

Vice Provost Hosts Second Cafe for Strategic Academic Plan

Vice Provost Herbie Lee hosted the second SAP informational pop-up, or “Cafe SAP,”  from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the Jack Baskin Engineering courtyard...

Resilience in the Face of Disaster

Matthew Boid was driving to a doctor’s appointment when he saw the flames in his rearview mirror. Ray Miller was bringing his car to...

Anti-Rent Control Flyer Met by Student Protests

Days before the Nov. 6 election, when local rent control Measure M would fail to pass, and while both campaigns were still in full...

Q&A with New Council Member Justin Cummings

CITY ON A HILL PRESS (CHP): What’s the first thing you plan to do in office? JUSTIN CUMMINGS: Make sure that the rent freeze stays in...

Respect the Land

The Amah Mutsun creation story tells that in the beginning, the world was water. Creator placed hawk, hummingbird and eagle on a sacred peak...

Campus Seeks New Chancellor

Since Chancellor George Blumenthal announced his year-end retirement, the UC Santa Cruz campus has been buzzing with the question of who could potentially fill...

Restoring Justice

The paintings and poetry flanking the room, created by inmates at the Santa Cruz County Jail, laid a fitting backdrop for a conversation about...

Warming Center Celebrates Storage Facility Success

The Warming Center hosted a celebration for the success of the new permanent location of its storage program at 150 Felker St. on Nov....

Marching For a Future That’s Brighter, Not Warmer

*Last name omitted Bodhi Ray*, with a look of solemn determination furrowing his four-year-old brow, strode up the Santa Cruz County courthouse steps and repeatedly...


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