UPDATE: Campus Assault Classified as Hate Crime

City on a Hill Press will continue to update this story as it develops. Update November 17, 5:30 p.m. : UC Santa Cruz Police Department (UCSC...

Take It to the Streets

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDT75_ylxxc Video courtesy of Banana Slug News. Outraged by the outcome of the presidential election, protesters organized for the fourth time in one week at UC...

Kresge’s New Look Ready for Review

Kresge College, shadowed by redwoods and most accessible by pedestrian bridge, is slated for renovation in fall of 2021. What many remember as an...

Reclamation Demands Met

After three days of reclaiming Kerr Hall, the Afrikan/Black Student Alliance’s (A/BSA) demands have been met. “We recognize that we have more work to do...

Four arrests, dozens of citations during this year’s 4/20

At least four DUI arrests were made on campus during this year’s unsanctioned 4/20 event. Two of these were non-UCSC-affiliated individuals arrested before 12...

Admissions Director’s Employment Ends Without Explanation

Michael McCawley had his last day as admissions director at UC Santa Cruz on Oct. 27, said Michelle Whittingham, associate vice chancellor of enrollment...


At about 5 a.m. on an October morning, two houseless people were tucked away beneath the arch of a Pacific Avenue doorway. Red and...

Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations Build Against UCSC Professor

Content warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment and assault. *Name has been changed to protect the anonymity of this source **Gopal Balakrishnan is...

Activism Under a New Administration

 Professor Emerita Angela Davis, CNN political commentator Van Jones and social activist and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter Alicia Garza are a few of the past...

Rates of Influenza on Campus Increase

Week one of winter quarter, the UC Santa Cruz Student Health Center was overwhelmed with the highest number of influenza cases since 2010. The peak...


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