The End of the Blumenthal Era

Chancellor George Blumenthal sat attentively in his office chair, fidgeting with his mug of tea. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling as...

City Council Postpones Rent Control Ordinance Vote

The Santa Cruz City Council met to vote on a proposed city ordinance, the Relocation Assistance for Displaced Tenants (RADT), that would serve as...

Balakrishnan Case Closed

Content warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment and assault. UCSC professor Gopal Balakrishnan was found by Title IX to have violated the university’s...

Revised Student Housing West Environmental Impact Report Released

Over the summer, Chancellor George Blumenthal informed UC Santa Cruz and the city of Santa Cruz of critical updates to the Student Housing West...

Gopal Balakrishnan Title IX Investigation Concluded

A months-long Title IX investigation concluded UC Santa Cruz professor Gopal Balakrishnan engaged in conduct that violated the UC Policy on Sexual Harassment, which...

Demonstration Held Outside of UC Regents Meeting

Photo by Chloe Reynolds While the public comment period of the July 18 UC regents meeting proceeded business as usual, a different scene unfolded outside...

Thursday Morning Regent Vote Decreases UC Tuition

Students across the UC system can plan to allot $60 less for tuition for the 2018-19 school year. The UC regents voted unanimously this...

Organizers Release Petition to Remove Balakrishnan

About 400 people from UC Santa Cruz and the wider academic community have signed a petition demanding a call to action against tenured history...

Opening the Door on Retaliation

Graphics by Dagmar Kuta Content warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment and assault. *Name has been changed to protect the anonymity of this source. Due...

What Does Summer Mean for Student Organizers?

Administrators and policymakers don’t stop making decisions once spring quarter ends, creating an obstacle for student organizers over summer. The three-month dispersal of students...


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