Santa Cruz Announces Water Shortage Alert

Beginning in October, the rainy season in Santa Cruz brings about 24 inches of winter rainfall on average. By the end of February this...

Librarians and UCOP Begin Negotiations for New Contract

With their current contract expiring in September 2018, UC librarians went into bargaining negotiations with the UC Office of the President (UCOP) this month...

Tuned In & Radio Active

Gerardo “Dr. G” Sandoval, UC Santa Cruz alumnus, former KZSC DJ and current host of radio show Mi Ciudad in Watsonville, describes the first...

Your Guide to the AFSCME 3299 Strike

UC Santa Cruz social media has abounded with rumors and discussion of upcoming action, dining hall shutdowns and chancellor confrontations. But the actual plans...

Denormalizing the Crisis

How many of you have lived with rats?” Fourth-year and Student Union Housing Working Group (SUHWG) organizer Angela Tulio posed this question to the...

Next Step Toward Transitional Housing

Santa Cruz City Council is reviewing four potential sites for the next phase of the transitional housing camp, replacing the current site at 1220...

RAs Disagree with Dining Hall Contingency Plans

Colleges Housing and Educational Services representatives are no longer requiring residential assistants (RAs) to help coordinate “Seat and Heat” programs in the dining halls...

AFSCME Local 3299 Delivers Official Strike Notice

Across all UC campuses and medical facilities, 9,000 UC service workers of the AFSCME Local 3299 union will cease work from May 7-9. This...

Second Annual March for Science

Amanda Brambila approached the microphone at City Hall as the final speaker in the Santa Cruz March for Science with UC Santa Cruz’s Society...

The Future of Kresge College

Kresge College, built in the ’70s, was meant to last about 40 years. Now over 10 years past its expiration, the buildings are well...


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