Third Dry Year, Drought Demands Action

Since Santa Cruz has entered its third year in a row of severe dry conditions, the city is pushing for ways to alleviate the water shortage.

Campuswide Outage Scheduled for Saturday

Students staying on campus Saturday should plan for a full day without electricity.

The Disintegration of Liberal Arts

A young Catherine Jones first became interested in history when she came across a dirt-filled swimming pool in her small southern town. “To an eight-year-old...

Panel on Mass Incarceration Inspires Student Activism

Taking a step back from political theory, students and professors gathered to discuss how they could incite real political action. The discussion, facilitated by psychology...

Stoked on Spokes

The purpose behind bike riding can be different for everyone. Some people want to go fast and others just want to get to their destination.

Student Union Assembly Elections 2014: Candidate Q&A

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) is UC Santa Cruz’s undergraduate student government, which was responsible for a budget of roughly $430,000 this year. The SUA includes six officer positions, three representatives from each of the 10 colleges and representatives from Queer Student Union, African/Black Student Alliance, Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance, Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán, Student Alliance of North American Indians and Ethnic Student Organization Council, which is currently inactive.

Fungi Fanatics

The forest was brought indoors this weekend, with hundreds of varieties of fungi re-creating a woodland scene, complete with trees and forest floor on...

Body Found on Local Beach Identified as Missing UCSC Student

UC Santa Cruz student Shireen Agha Ahsan’s body was found Monday night at Strawberry Beach, Nick Baldridge from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office...

Creating Conversation, Providing Consolation

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is a time when many students reflect on their love lives and whether or not they’re in a healthy relationship. Those who are unsure may want to seek out UC Santa Cruz’s Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS).

Rethinking Media’s Lens

Founder of David Talbot and Pulitzer Prize winning Los Angeles Times columnist Hector Tobar visit their alma mater UCSC.