Kickstarting Success

What started two years ago as two friends, a laser cutter, a board router and an idea turned into an overnight success. Starting with...

Heritage Honored at African Cultural Show

In a search for his identity, Rasheed Shabazz chose his own name ­— since then, he said, he has never felt more himself. This is...

UAW Settles with UC, Strike Averted

“Now we have at least a voice at the table,” Purucker said. “We’re not in a position where we’re imposing strict limits on class sizes, but we have a seat at the table and that’s a start.”

SUA Chair Reviews Divestment Bill

By the time the final votes were tallied, the clock read 3 a.m. Arguably the most contentious bill in the last year had passed, and while supporters celebrated, opponents were silent, overcome by shock.

LSS Referenda Fails

Although all measures for the campus spring elections failed due to low voter turnout, Measure 56, a referendum for increased funding to Learning Support Services (LSS), received 67 percent support. It would have passed if the voting threshold was met.

Pumping the Breaks on a Rising Deficit

Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) collects only $3 from each ticket they write, amounting to around $60,000 per year. With a deficit close to $1.7 to $1.9 million per year, TAPS must cut costs or cut services.

Stuck in the Waiting Room

It can take a lot of courage for someone struggling with addiction to seek help. After much contemplation, when people make the choice to walk through the doors of Janus Community Clinic, they may be unpleasantly surprised to be put on a waiting list or denied treatment altogether. “Depending on the time of year and how short we are on funding, [the wait list] can range from 30 to 90 days,” said Janus data analyst Lorraine Shuler.

Tuition Freeze May End After 2014-15 School Year

Higher education is becoming an exceedingly costly option for students. Student loan debt surpassed $1 trillion in 2013, placing it as the second highest form of consumer debt behind mortgages. The graduating class of 2014 set a record for being the most indebted class ever, with an average of $33,000 per student.

Amendment Ensures a Place for Adult Education

When Cabrillo College’s choral activities director Cheryl Anderson heard her program was in danger, she said she was scared to death of losing the...

Hundreds Protest Police Brutality In Salinas

A cacophony of car horns, whistles and emphatic shouts of children and adults alike followed hundreds of protesters as they marched through the streets...


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