UCSC Lab HIV Vaccine to Start Clinical Trials

The development of an affordable and efficient vaccine that could be the first of its kind in protecting against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV )...

Union Coalition Protests Janus v. AFSCME Case

About 150 workers and students gathered in the Quarry Plaza on Feb. 26, rallying support for unions in the Mark Janus v. American Federation...

Distorting Asian American Identities

Asian Americans, 27 percent of the UC Santa Cruz student body, are often viewed as model Americans — an idea partly rooted in anti-Blackness....

Dining Hall Worker’s Arrest Causes Tension at the Bargaining Table

After the violent arrest of a UC Berkeley (UCB) dining hall worker during union demonstrations, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)...

Pro-Gun Talk Canceled

UC Santa Cruz College Republicans (CR) and Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) canceled a private speaking event for the two clubs Tuesday after the...


Nationwide, transgender people are faced with gender norm policing and oppression by cisgender privilege daily. While visibility around trans oppression has increased socially,  agency...

Queerness, Latinidad and Joy

“I don’t think we allow ourselves to experience joy,” said queer Latinx writer Gabby Rivera. “A lot of our narratives are centered around oppression...

The Many Faces of Capstone

In their efforts to manage the costs of meeting the demand for housing, UCSC administrators may have entered into contractual negotiations with Capstone Development...

EVC’s Strategic Academic Planning Draws Concern

Academics and the financial future of UC Santa Cruz are on the path toward change — and not everyone is happy about it. The...

Reaching for Tuition-Free College

Before state and federal legislators began cutting education budgets and before UC Regents began habitually hiking tuition rates, public higher education was tuition-free in...


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