Q&A with George Blumenthal and Marlene Tromp

City on a Hill Press: In the Strategic Academic Plan, there is talk of certain programs receiving more funding than others. How is UCSC...

Elevator Inspection Process Lags, DRC Students Affected

The McHenry Library elevator inspection permits expired in May 2017. It’s the same story for a majority of campus elevators. Units in the Science...

Misuse of Adderall on Campus

Adderall prescriptions among 18- to 24-year-olds have remained constant since 2014, but the amount of young people misusing Adderall as a study aid is...

Failing to Address Anti-Blackness, Once Again

I attended this conference as a participant and this article includes my perspective. The most important thing I took away from the UC Student Association...

Negotiations on the Table

UC union workers from across the state will meet at the bargaining table with the UC Board of Regents this week to renegotiate their...

Edibles and Concentrates

UC Santa Cruz Police Chief Nader Oweis and Mary Knudtson, executive director of the Student Health Center and associate vice chancellor of Student Health...

The Struggle to Find Common Ground

Through the past three years, the Camper Park at UC Santa Cruz has quickly changed from the lost sculptures, murals and rainbows which have...

LRDP Committee Begins Planning for 2040

As Santa Cruz residents navigate the housing crisis, overcrowded classes and buses, the newest Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) planning estimate of 28,000 students...

Regents Table Tuition Increase

After strong student opposition in Wednesday’s public comment period at the UC Board of Regents meeting, the vote for a 2.7 percent tuition increase...

Blumenthal Announces Updated LRDP

UC Santa Cruz’s newest Long- Range Development Plan (LRDP) will base future plans on the assumption of having 28,000 students on campus by 2040,...


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