Culture, Labor and Strawberries: How is Food Political?

Food affects cultural history, cost of living and authority. This mix of food and politics is prominent in the small, central California coastal town...

Localizing Global Initiatives

One-third of the food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted according to the United Nations. Yet to meet food demand levels by 2050...

MAH develops Abbott Square

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) asked residents in 2013 what downtown Santa Cruz was missing — the answer was a...

Solidarity & Strawberries

Students on campus consume millions of strawberries each quarter. In Santa Cruz County, one of the state’s top strawberry producers, the fruit’s harvest earns...

Looking Back at Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs, a grassroots activist group founded 37 years ago and working toward feeding the houseless and managing food waste, began when Keith...

Fighting for the Freedom to Sleep

Although Santa Cruz County’s houseless population has decreased in the past four years, the county still ranks in the top ten among small regions...

Art as Healing

Seven out of 10 inmates return after they are released from Santa Cruz County Jail. The rate of recidivism, a term for when released...

City Hall Reaches out to Residents

Instead of the usual three-minute blip per person for public comments at the close of city council meetings, on May 4 the public had...

‘Sanctuary’ Undefined

The letters preluded the ICE arrests. They began arriving about five months ago, sending anxiety and confusion into the already uneasy undocumented Santa Cruz...

Discussing the French Elections

French voters took to the polls on April 23 for the first of two rounds of voting for the presidential election. Voters chose from...


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