What’s More Lost: Migrant Kids or US Humanity?

Please, don’t feign surprise when our government lies to us again and again about the state of immigrant affairs and detention centers. Don’t feign...

U.S. Privatized Banking System Needs a Public Option

Following the 2008 financial crisis, bank closures are leaving many people with impeded access to crucial financial services. The remaining bank branches disadvantage millions...

Queerness Should have Space in STEM

Keira Delaney is exhausted from constantly trying to educate her professors and fellow neuroscience majors about how their field historically and continuously discriminates against...

Career Opportunities in the Modern Internet Age

To understand what careers may lie ahead for me in the near future, I sometimes surf Linkedin to see people’s current professions and how...

Stop Asking Why

I’ve been trying to explain to others (and myself) why I decided to transfer from Boston University (BU) to UC Santa Cruz, for over...

Entering the Workforce as an LGTBQIA+ Person

Jameka Evans lost her job for being queer and refusing to conform to gender norms in 2015. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear...

Voluntourism Won’t Help Your Resume

Graduates or students with the privilege to pay to travel the world this summer should be doing so ethically, not with the mentality of...

Transgender Inmates Confined to Conformity

In a brazen display of its hate-fueled anti-LGBTQIA+ agenda, the Trump administration is retracting Obama-era protections for transgender inmates. Without these desperately needed protections, which...

‘This is NOT a Vacation’

For three days, AFSCME 3299 protesters marched through intersections, picketing in the frigid cold at 3 a.m. and in the glaring midday sun. About 175...

Submission: Resolution Requesting the Removal of Mission Bell from UC Santa Cruz Campus

Whereas ​the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band represents the Awaswas-speaking indigenous people of the historic Uypi tribe of Santa Cruz; Whereas ​the ancestral territory of the...


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