Film’s Systemic Failures

The chief creative officer of Pixar is one of the latest perpetrators of sexual assault in accusations that have been ripping through the entertainment...

Resist the Threat to Net Neutrality

In just one week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could bring an end to net neutrality with one vote, completely infringing upon our First...

End the Trend

No person should feel unsafe at school. No person should feel unsafe at their place of worship. No person should feel unsafe attending a...

Dispose of the Tampon Tax

Periods cost about $7 a month. That’s $7 a month, 12 times a year, for approximately 40 years. This means that, on average, this...

No Escape From Misogyny

Recent revelations about serial assaulters in Hollywood have shifted public dialogue. The normalized silence around harassment is lifting and it feels like people are...

System Fails to Address Housing Barriers

UC Santa Cruz students, while not alone, are facing an injustice that prevents students from reaching their full academic and personal potential. This injustice...

Phases of Homesickness

Each time I’ve left home, I’ve become more independent and also more rooted in my communities — as it turns out, the two are...

Concerns Mount Over Student Housing West Project

UC Santa Cruz hired a company for the construction of Student Housing West (SHW) that is so incompetent it’s been accused of building units...

Community Not Commodity

Families, students and residents in Santa Cruz are left with few housing options in a city overrun with vacation rentals during a severe housing...

Call It What It Is

Universities across the country are failing to accurately label violence toward Black students as hate crimes. Chennel Jazzy Rowe, a Black woman, began college at...


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