Sexual Harassment Has No Tenure

UC Los Angeles history professor Gabriel Piterberg agreed to pay $3,000 to end a Title IX investigation against him. Of course he did, since...

The Problem With Twitter Activism

Twitter activism like this does not foster discussion, it forms a mob mentality.

#GamerGate Promotes Misogyny in the Video Game Industry

Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic known for her online video series “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games,” was scheduled to speak at Utah...

‘Success Fees’ Drop Students in Deep Debt

When we graduate, many of us will find ourselves neck-deep in a pool of debt, wishing we had remembered our water wings.

Film’s Systemic Failures

The chief creative officer of Pixar is one of the latest perpetrators of sexual assault in accusations that have been ripping through the entertainment...

Deadly Entertainment

On average, orcas in captivity don’t survive beyond their 20s — just a fraction of their expected lifespan in the wild. Their estimated maximum...

Stevenson College Night Followed by More Cultural Insensitivity

While Stevenson has a deeper history of cultural insensitivity and racist incidents than the other colleges, this event is a part of a larger issue on this campus.

Changing Culture of Student Services

Dozens of groups and projects that provide essential services to students and community members are severely underfunded, and Giving Day, among other funding sources...

Why I’d Rather Play Grand Theft Auto Right Now

Imagine building your dream car out of blood money. Imagine making $18,000 for “picking up” some documents from a lawyer who you may or may not have killed. You befriend a stripper named Nikki and call her when you’re feeling lonely. The way you live your virtual life is only limited by the virtual money you make in Rockstar Games’ newest title “Grand Theft Auto: Online (GTA).”

Community Not Commodity

Families, students and residents in Santa Cruz are left with few housing options in a city overrun with vacation rentals during a severe housing...


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