System Fails to Address Housing Barriers

UC Santa Cruz students, while not alone, are facing an injustice that prevents students from reaching their full academic and personal potential. This injustice...

The Future is Green

As hurricanes, floods and wildfires ravage the Earth with unprecedented ferocity, it seems the desolation of humanity is fast approaching. Despite the imminent threat of...

A Tale of Two Nations

While the organized chaos of the presidential primary storms ahead, it’s easy to get caught up in the rhetoric of the American political bubble....

‘This is NOT a Vacation’

For three days, AFSCME 3299 protesters marched through intersections, picketing in the frigid cold at 3 a.m. and in the glaring midday sun. About 175...

Why the Monetization of Facebook is a Given

If you open the Facebook login page, the first thing you see is the statement “Free. And Always Will Be” clearly below the spaces for your email and password. The catchphrase was meant to denounce rumors of Facebook creating a gold membership status for users who would be willing to pay for “extra” features in their social media experience. But now it’s seen as a broken promise to users who argue Facebook has done them wrong by monetizing pages outreach.

Changing Culture of Student Services

Dozens of groups and projects that provide essential services to students and community members are severely underfunded, and Giving Day, among other funding sources...

Louisiana Bill Changes Definition of Hate Crime

Hate crimes are a problem in America. They’re a problem anyone marginalized in our society for their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability....

Sexism in Silicon Valley & STEM

At a time when the tech industry is advancing at remarkable rates, its progress on gender equality is doing exactly the opposite. Women make...

Lukewarm on Climate Action, Hot on Hypocrisy

Self-proclaimed environmental champion Gov. Jerry Brown supported legislation that challenged nationwide emission standards in 2007 and opposed offshore drilling. Supporters swoon at Brown’s half-hearted...

SUBMISSION: Response Letter to Chancellor Blumenthal from Student Activists

Dear Chancellor Blumenthal, We are sending you this letter in response to your email titled “Community expectations.” As you may have heard, this email ignited...


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