Stevenson College Night Followed by More Cultural Insensitivity

While Stevenson has a deeper history of cultural insensitivity and racist incidents than the other colleges, this event is a part of a larger issue on this campus.

What’s More Lost: Migrant Kids or US Humanity?

Please, don’t feign surprise when our government lies to us again and again about the state of immigrant affairs and detention centers. Don’t feign...

Hey Congress! People Aren’t Pawns

As the three-day government shutdown comes to an end, relief washes over the Trump administration and Senate members — but hundreds of thousands of...

OK America, Let’s Get Information

This time, the revolution will be televised. Rallying cries will be snuck into YouTube videos and feature films. Anthems will pour through speakers and...

#GamerGate Promotes Misogyny in the Video Game Industry

Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic known for her online video series “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games,” was scheduled to speak at Utah...

Movement needs support, direction — not cynicism

If various UCSC-related Facebook pages, The Santa Cruz Sentinel’s recent editorial (“UC highway protest: How not to cultivate solidarity” on March 3) and the...

Whitewashing Silicon Valley

You can’t predict the future, but white men in Silicon Valley are stealing it. Income inequality in Silicon Valley is wider than ever, especially...

Privacy Unlocked

When we go home at night and close our blinds, we hope no one has the ability to see through them. We shut and...

No More Shaming — Period.

Period. Females have had one since the dawn of time, yet this word wasn’t said publicly — in the context of a uterus —...

Title IX Guidance Favors the Accused

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos rescinded the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter and 2014 Question and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence, threatening thousands...


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