The Wrong Answer For Equality

The Trump administration continues to fail the American people in enforcing civil rights, this time in the Department of Education (DOE). The appointment of...

Sacramento Resists #OpRight2Rest

A group claiming to be part of Anonymous, the international cyber hacking organization, has launched #OpRight2Rest against the City of Sacramento in response to...

Stevenson College Night Followed by More Cultural Insensitivity

While Stevenson has a deeper history of cultural insensitivity and racist incidents than the other colleges, this event is a part of a larger issue on this campus.

Now is the Time to Talk Gun Control

“Thoughts and prayers.” “Thoughts and prayers.” “You have my thoughts and prayers.” Last week, Thom Tillis, U.S. Senator for North Carolina, tweeted “Tragic news out...

They Can Make Excuses, Voter Suppression is Still Racist

Every election season, we hear people say “Every vote counts.”  It’s a powerful sentiment, but less so in practice. In this country, not all voting...

SNAP Out of It

Congress is turning 46 million people away from access to healthy food while they sit on their privileged pedestal in D.C. debating legislation that...

Courts Must Hold Oil Companies Accountable

For decades, oil companies have tainted waterways through fracking, spilled hundreds of millions of gallons of unrefined crude oil in the ocean and, most...

An Injustice to Fix an ‘Injustice’

“I’ll keep being the best advocate I can for the UC,” UC President Janet Napolitano promised in her most recent newsletter on Sept. 24...

Only We Can Prevent Wildfires

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to see it land on a power line, can it still catch...

What’s More Lost: Migrant Kids or US Humanity?

Please, don’t feign surprise when our government lies to us again and again about the state of immigrant affairs and detention centers. Don’t feign...


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