Louisiana Bill Changes Definition of Hate Crime

Hate crimes are a problem in America. They’re a problem anyone marginalized in our society for their religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability....

Resist Trump, Keep Immigrant Protections

The White House’s assault on people of color grows more aggressive by the day, as the latest attack comes in the form of deporting...

Over-the-Counter Control — Finally

People go to the pharmacy for over-the-counter products like sleep aids, acne cream or cold and flu medication. Now in California, birth control is...

System Fails to Address Housing Barriers

UC Santa Cruz students, while not alone, are facing an injustice that prevents students from reaching their full academic and personal potential. This injustice...

Religious Attack on Body Rights

The Trump administration has slashed Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations on contraceptive access, creating economic, political and social barriers to health care for hundreds...

No Hesitation, Resist Exploitation

Eating in the dining hall. Riding on the loop busses. Having clean and stocked bathrooms. These are things we take for granted, and these...

‘Urban Renewal’ Destabilizes Established Neighborhoods

  It’s hard to overlook the changes in sights and sounds of Highland Park, a neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. Walking through the community in...

Bring Asylum Seekers to Safety

Thousands of migrants are trapped in Tijuana, with the oppressive tactics of the Border Patrol in front and the widespread violence and poverty of...

Stalling on Trans Rights

Four years ago, Vice President Joe Biden said transgender discrimination “is the civil rights issue of our time.” North Carolina’s blatantly transphobic bathroom law...


The majority of Black films nominated for awards focus on struggle, oppression, slavery or all of the above. This is unacceptable — Black struggle...


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