Racism Is Not a Prank

A white student who locked a bike lock around a black San Jose State University student’s neck, hung posters of Adolf Hitler and a...

Adding Beds Won’t Put the Issue to Rest

It costs about $300,000 for each new bed at UC Santa Cruz. That figure includes the cost of the dorm or apartment around the...

OK America, Let’s Get Information

This time, the revolution will be televised. Rallying cries will be snuck into YouTube videos and feature films. Anthems will pour through speakers and...

Don’t Stall SCOTUS

Just when you thought the US political landscape couldn’t get any more complicated, the Supreme Court is facing a likely impasse for its 2016...

Privacy Unlocked

When we go home at night and close our blinds, we hope no one has the ability to see through them. We shut and...

Consent Isn’t a Catchphrase

First, they called consent sexy. Then, they suggested it’s smart (and sexy). But as the small changes in the slogan develop, it’s clear UC...

Michigan Failed in Protecting Flint

With over 87 people infected and nine dead, Flint, Michigan officials’ ineptitude warrants not just resignations but criminal charges. For 18 months, the city used...

Swiping Left on STIs

Tinder executives didn’t swipe right on billboards outside their office last fall. They didn’t “super like” the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) campaign,...

The Bundy Militia: A Tale of White Privilege

Only through white privilege can a group of militants cross state lines and take over federal property without facing any physical resistance or being...

No More Shaming — Period.

Period. Females have had one since the dawn of time, yet this word wasn’t said publicly — in the context of a uterus —...


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