No More Shaming — Period.

Period. Females have had one since the dawn of time, yet this word wasn’t said publicly — in the context of a uterus —...

Broadening Our Lens

As students at the University of California, one of the world’s leaders in public research, we can agree that scientific research has value. The...

Sacramento Resists #OpRight2Rest

A group claiming to be part of Anonymous, the international cyber hacking organization, has launched #OpRight2Rest against the City of Sacramento in response to...

Cheap and Dangerous Labor is Not Rehabilitation

At 111 degrees Fahrenheit, skin begins to feel pain. At 131 degrees, a second degree burn will form, and 162 degrees Fahrenheit can instantly...

Police Brutality Extends to the Classroom

Violence doesn’t belong in the classroom. But in this country, it’s becoming shockingly more common. The increase of incidents of violence in public schools have...

Bridging the STEM Gap

UC Santa Cruz’s computer game design major has 478 declared and proposed undergraduate students — 66 of them are women. Similarly, the computer engineering...

Deadly Entertainment

On average, orcas in captivity don’t survive beyond their 20s — just a fraction of their expected lifespan in the wild. Their estimated maximum...

Consent isn’t Sexy — it’s Mandatory

Editor’s note:  The Chancellor’s Office is a client of City on a Hill Press (CHP), and its current advertisements through CHP in the loop...

A Federal Shift Toward Hope

Last week, the U.S. Senate introduced the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, a bipartisan bill that aims to reform a part of the criminal...

Funding Under Scrutiny

Planned Parenthood is under scrutiny for donating fetal tissue for research purposes, including the development of cures for illnesses including Alzheimer’s and AIDS. Many...


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