W is for White Privilege

California’s legalization of marijuana, which took effect on Jan. 1, allowed thousands to rush to the nearest dispensary to pick up an eighth. What...

Cheap and Dangerous Labor is Not Rehabilitation

At 111 degrees Fahrenheit, skin begins to feel pain. At 131 degrees, a second degree burn will form, and 162 degrees Fahrenheit can instantly...

Safeguard Consumer Rights

If President Donald Trump gets his way, the watchdog agency entrusted with protecting student loan borrowers from unscrupulous loan servicers could lose its teeth...

OK America, Let’s Get Information

This time, the revolution will be televised. Rallying cries will be snuck into YouTube videos and feature films. Anthems will pour through speakers and...

A New Authority on the Decisions That Matter

Sen. Ricardo Lara recently proposed a constitutional amendment that aims to give the California Legislature unparalleled control over the UC system, putting the UCs...

UCSC’s Plan for the Future Lacks Any Bite

The plan sounds impressive in theory. The university acknowledges that there are problem areas and has some type of plan to improve students’ experience at UCSC. Unfortunately, the plan lacks tangible details, solutions and opportunities for dialogue. As of now, the plan reads like an overly optimistic and out-of-touch press release — all bark and no bite.

Not There Yet, Napolitano

UC President Janet Napolitano recently visited Mexico, but not for reasons you might expect. She spent a couple of days meeting with important figureheads...

Deadly Entertainment

On average, orcas in captivity don’t survive beyond their 20s — just a fraction of their expected lifespan in the wild. Their estimated maximum...

Resist the Threat to Net Neutrality

In just one week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could bring an end to net neutrality with one vote, completely infringing upon our First...

Food Waste Detrimental to Environment

For every two pieces of produce, one will be thrown away, uneaten. It’s a battle for perfection, from stem to store and all of...


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