Canonization of Junipero Serra Alienates Native Americans

On Sept. 24, Pope Francis stood in the Washington D.C. Basilica and made history by canonizing Father Junipero Serra, thus making the 18th century...

Why the Tuition Freeze is Not Enough

A small victory was won for in-state UC students on May 13. Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to increase state funding has delayed a tuition...

UC’s Contradictions About Student Activism

UC Santa Cruz has spent 50 years touting itself as a bastion of radical politics tucked between the redwoods. Its slogan, “The original authority...

Stevenson College Night Followed by More Cultural Insensitivity

While Stevenson has a deeper history of cultural insensitivity and racist incidents than the other colleges, this event is a part of a larger issue on this campus.

‘Urban Renewal’ Destabilizes Established Neighborhoods

  It’s hard to overlook the changes in sights and sounds of Highland Park, a neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. Walking through the community in...

Safety Concerns Go Unaddressed by Administration

In 2011, there was one on-campus intimidation incident and one vandalism incident characterized by sexual orientation bias. In 2013, there was another on-campus vandalism...

Movement needs support, direction — not cynicism

If various UCSC-related Facebook pages, The Santa Cruz Sentinel’s recent editorial (“UC highway protest: How not to cultivate solidarity” on March 3) and the...

UCSC Prioritizes Research Over Teaching

UC Santa Cruz continues to grasp at prestige as a research university, but has largely neglected research’s counterpart — teaching. In the 2013-14 academic year,...

Vacant Desk Should Be Thoughtfully Filled

Only 40 percent of Americans trust mass media to report the news accurately and fairly, according to a September 2014 Gallup poll. Jon Stewart...

UCSC’s Plan for the Future Lacks Any Bite

The plan sounds impressive in theory. The university acknowledges that there are problem areas and has some type of plan to improve students’ experience at UCSC. Unfortunately, the plan lacks tangible details, solutions and opportunities for dialogue. As of now, the plan reads like an overly optimistic and out-of-touch press release — all bark and no bite.


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