Breaking The Chains

The sight of a person in shackles paints an image of dehumanization, bringing back painful memories from an era when people were treated as commodities. Over two years of litigation recently resulted in San Francisco no longer shackling immigration detainees who pose no threat.

Courts, SJSU Must Respond With Justice

The ringleader of a series of violent and racist acts committed against a 17-year-old San Jose State University (SJSU) student recently pled “not guilty” to misdemeanor charges of hate crime and battery.

A Call to Prioritize Issues of Sexual Violence

The I-VAWA is a pivotal piece of legislation that will call for comprehensive reform and response to violence against women internationally.

The Need for Diversity in the Classroom

Lack of diversity amongst the students in higher education mirrored by lack of diversity in faculty

A Seemingly Colorless UC

I used to wonder why people would criticize this university for their lack of diversity when I looked at my peers in class and saw mostly people of color. Then I remembered I was a proposed Latin American and Latino Studies major, as were many of my classmates.

Combating Homophobia: A Global Issue

While gay rights groups have celebrated some victories regarding equal marriage rights, homophobia persists as a global issue.

Why You Should Care About Affordable Care

2014 marks a milestone for Obamacare, as the health coverage it established finally goes into effect

The Exclusive Ideals of ‘Beauty’

A young girl’s desire to keep her natural hair incites bullying and threat of expulsion

A System of Support for the Houseless

Proposal promoting space for reintegration a step in the right direction

Agony Abroad, Apathy at Home

Nabila Rehman, a Pakistan resident who watched her grandmother be killed by a drone, came to the U.S. for a congressional hearing to only be ignored by the US government. President Obama alongside 425 out of 430 representatives did not show up to the hearing, bringing up the question of why this topic is avoided by US media and politicians.


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