‘One Tragedy, Two Victims’

After two years as a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer, 28-year-old Peter Liang buried his face in his hands in front of the...

Looking Past the Screen

While I was in Paris, the city experienced flooding so extensive that boats couldn’t fit under bridges. The excess water halted the usual traffic...

Choose Life for Overdose Victims

The first sign of a heroin overdose is a slowed pulse. The victim’s pupils shrink to small dots and their breathing shallows until, eventually, it stops — unless they are treated with a nasal spray called naloxone.

Supreme Court Upholds Barriers to Polls

The driving force behind a democracy is the voice of the people. In Texas, that voice will be silenced an estimated 600,000 times by...

Horrors of ‘Humane’

When you see labels like “humane certified” or “free-range” on food products, what comes to mind? Green pastures? Free-roaming, happy animals? If so, you’ve...

‘Hateful Eight’ trivializes violence, sexism and racism

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most respected directors of our time. He boasts an impressive knowledge of film-history and much of the auteur’s...

Sacramento Resists #OpRight2Rest

A group claiming to be part of Anonymous, the international cyber hacking organization, has launched #OpRight2Rest against the City of Sacramento in response to...

Students Need Not ‘Give In’

UCSC's recently announced fundraiser has promise, but it leaves many questions as to whether areas of campus greatly in need of support will receive funding.

Empty Promises

For millions of Americans drowning in student debt, relief seemed to be just around the corner. It was 2007 and Congress had just passed...

Whitewashing Silicon Valley

You can’t predict the future, but white men in Silicon Valley are stealing it. Income inequality in Silicon Valley is wider than ever, especially...


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