Learning to Love Despite the Distance

In today’s world, it’s hard to plan your life around another person. With all the opportunities for travel, the numerous methods of communication available...

Fear in the Wake of Trump’s Election

On Nov. 8, I was shocked and disappointed as I watched as Trump’s chances of becoming our next president rose from 20 to over...

Submission: Once again, researcher disconnects problem from action and solution

Never before have I heard so many “I”s, “we”s, and “they”s at a lecture on UCSC’s campus. Last night at the university’s 49th annual...

A System of Support for the Houseless

Proposal promoting space for reintegration a step in the right direction

Fear-Induced Hunger

Thousands of undocumented immigrants and their families are foregoing critical food stamp access out of fear of deportation under the Trump administration. This fear...

The Exclusive Ideals of ‘Beauty’

A young girl’s desire to keep her natural hair incites bullying and threat of expulsion

Fracking Standards Hazardous to Health

More than 15 million Americans have lived within a mile of a fracked well since 2000. The Parr family are just three of those people, but with a recent landmark victory over Aruba Petroleum, they have set an important precedent for the problematic practice of fracking.

Submission: Afrikan Black Student Alliance Demands

Note: A/BSA has postponed demanding for numbers 1 and 6 in their reclamation of Clark Kerr Hall. The intend to reintroduce and demand them...

Consent isn’t Sexy — it’s Mandatory

Editor’s note:  The Chancellor’s Office is a client of City on a Hill Press (CHP), and its current advertisements through CHP in the loop...

Call It What It Is

Universities across the country are failing to accurately label violence toward Black students as hate crimes. Chennel Jazzy Rowe, a Black woman, began college at...


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