California Fails to Watch the Watchmen

California’s bigwigs often trumpet the state’s progressive culture and politics, but the state’s records and policies reflect an entirely different story. While accounting for 12...

Santa Cruz Tenants Need Your Signatures

No more stories of unjust evictions, no more stories of raising rents on decaying, mold riddled homes, no more skating around the housing crisis. The...

The UC Celebrates 150 years of Inequality

This year, the University of California celebrates “150 years of pioneering a better future.” While the UC celebrates, its Black female university workers are...

Submission: An Open Letter to the Chief Investment Officer of the UC Regents

Dear Jagdeep Singh Bachher, We write to you representing University of California students and faculty from across the state as part of the climate justice...

@NationalNews: Where is the Black Coverage?

When students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School began to call for national gun reform, media outlets praised them for revolutionary efforts and hundreds...

First Amendment Defense Act is Anti-LGBTQIA+

There has never been protection for LGBTQIA+ people in the U.S. Yet, last month the GOP launched an attack on transgender and queer civil...

Not One More Tuition Increase

The UC is on their way to finalizing another tuition increase for out-of-state students for the 2018-19 school year. In May, the UC is...

Immigrant Families Separated and Violated

No reasonable person would consider taking a first-grader away from the comfort of her mother, shipping her 2,000 miles away, and only allowing them...

Commodifying Kahlo

Interested in purchasing Frida Kahlo? For almost $30, you can, along with 18 other historical and contemporary “inspiring women” who have fit into Mattel’s...

The Price of Innocence

“Innocent until proven guilty” is woven into our country’s Constitution. But California’s bail system fixes an exorbitant and discriminatory price tag on the right...


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