Conversation Amid Conflict

He thought they were alone on the road. The car’s feeble headlights cut through the surrounding black as it approached the small Palestinian village where he would spend the night. It was 2003 when Dr. Phillip Hammack, currently an associate psychology professor at UCSC, traveled through Israel and the West Bank, conducting field research for his dissertation. Hammack’s research, which would later inspire his book “Narrative and the Politics of Identity,” relied on interviewing 45 Israeli and Palestinian adolescents scattered throughout the region.

Through Our Lens

This week in Through Our Lens Toby Silverman used seven rolls of film while taking a 100 block walk through Manhattan; from 125th to SoHo to the Alphabet blocks and down to the Brooklyn Bridge, he documented the shapes and skyscrapers of our nation's busiest city.

Why I’d Rather Play Grand Theft Auto Right Now

Imagine building your dream car out of blood money. Imagine making $18,000 for “picking up” some documents from a lawyer who you may or may not have killed. You befriend a stripper named Nikki and call her when you’re feeling lonely. The way you live your virtual life is only limited by the virtual money you make in Rockstar Games’ newest title “Grand Theft Auto: Online (GTA).”

Kinks, Coils and The Culture

My natural hair is my favorite part of all my African American features, and it provides me the bliss I need to combat daily...

Students Show Up to Court in Support of Jeremy Saunders

About 35 UC Santa Cruz students showed up on May 22 in solidarity with UCSC second-year Jeremy Saunders, 20, who was arrested during the...

Through our Lens

As soon as you arrive, the roads get bumpier and the air thickens. Almost instantly, the hills — an array of colorful shacks, houses...

Through our Lens

Legislators, educators and students put down their books and picked up their picket signs on March 4 to defend public education in the state...

Anti-Semitism Has ‘No Place’ on UC Campuses, Anti-Zionism Has No Place in Intolerance Statement

There’s no denying anti-Semitism occurs on UC campuses. Within the last year, swastikas were spray-painted on a Jewish fraternity house at UC Davis, a...

Through Our Lens

After leaving the poker rooms and the packed windowless casinos hotboxed with cigarette smoke, we jetted on, windows down. We charged away from the claustrophobic clang of slot machines and onto the open road. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. We kept driving.


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