Oakland Occupied

Thousands of individuals marched and succeeded in shutting down the port of Oakland yesterday, Nov. 2. The actions throughout the day resulted in numerous business closures, including Wells Fargo, and culminated in the crowd of more than five thousand shutting down the ports in the evening.

Caged From Compassion

Whether in a cramped cage or in a vast ocean, animals deserve more than selective morality.

Through Our Lens

Nestled among the redwoods above Kresge College lies a hidden Santa Cruz gem. The UC Santa Cruz trailer park is an oasis that stands...

Through our Lens

Photographer Morgan Grana explores the city of Seattle, WA.

Institutions Must No Longer Protect the Patriarchy

The silence is breaking across the country as sexual assault and harassment become more visible to the public. Change is on the horizon, but...

Through Our Lens: Rosario Serna

As Earth Day approaches and the 20th anniversary of The Farmers Market is commemorated, take a Wednesday afternoon to stroll along Cedar and Lincoln Streets and enjoy the many delicacies our mother earth produces.

Chancellors, Students Address UC Board of Regents

The UC Board of Regents convened on Wednesday, March 16 to discuss how the University of California will address another half-billion dollar drop in state funding from Governor Brown's proposed budget.

India Paves the Way to Gender Progress

India’s Supreme Court officially recognized the addition of a “third-gender” category in a landmark ruling on April 15, bringing LGBT international attention in the media. Judges and lawmakers in the U.S. should pick up the pace.

Seeking Statewide Action

The UC Santa Cruz chapter of the California Public Interest Group (CALPIRG) convinced Santa Cruz City Council on Jan. 23 to adopt a resolution...

Through Our Lens

When looking for a more defined tone from singer Josh Montoya, Gadgetbox Studios owner Andy Zenczack told him, “Drop and give me 20.” After reluctantly doing the push-ups, Montoya sang into the mic again, this time with the rough sound they were looking for.