Through Our Pens: A Sampling of Artwork from CHP Artists

What does UCSC mean to you visually?  Recently your view might be the back of your classmates heads in a crowded lecture or the...

Through Our Lens: Rosario Serna

As Earth Day approaches and the 20th anniversary of The Farmers Market is commemorated, take a Wednesday afternoon to stroll along Cedar and Lincoln Streets and enjoy the many delicacies our mother earth produces.

Through Our Lens: Morgan Grana

I’ve always lived pretty close to San Francisco, but over the years I never took the time to walk around all the different parts...

Through Our Lens: Joe Lai

Last weekend I went to Wondercon. Wondercon is a comic convention in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. I was there for a portfolio...

Through Our Lens: Kathryn Power

One of the great things about living on the westside is its proximity to my favorite part of Santa Cruz: Westcliff.  Every day—morning, afternoon...

Through our Lens

Spring might be giving us the slip with oddly heavy rainfall, but sure enough, it’s here. And where there are chirping birds, budding flowers...

Through our Lens

Legislators, educators and students put down their books and picked up their picket signs on March 4 to defend public education in the state...

Through our Lens

We spend the majority of our days staring into eyes, noticing noses, looking at lips, fingering hair, but seldom do we break from the...

Through our Lens

In the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of rain that has kept me in a simple routine of staying indoors....


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