Through Our Pens

This week's Through our Lens has a unique twist. For this issue, we're featuring illustrations from our team's artists for you to enjoy.

Through Our Lens: Devika Agarwal

Santana Row in San Jose offers a beautiful urban escape from repetitive school days. Walking down the row there are a variety of places...

Through Our Pens: A Sampling of Artwork from CHP Artists

What does UCSC mean to you visually?  Recently your view might be the back of your classmates heads in a crowded lecture or the...

Through Our Lens: Rosario Serna

As Earth Day approaches and the 20th anniversary of The Farmers Market is commemorated, take a Wednesday afternoon to stroll along Cedar and Lincoln Streets and enjoy the many delicacies our mother earth produces.

Through Our Lens: Morgan Grana

I’ve always lived pretty close to San Francisco, but over the years I never took the time to walk around all the different parts...

Through Our Lens: Joe Lai

Last weekend I went to Wondercon. Wondercon is a comic convention in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. I was there for a portfolio...

Through Our Lens: Kathryn Power

One of the great things about living on the westside is its proximity to my favorite part of Santa Cruz: Westcliff.  Every day—morning, afternoon...

Through our Lens

Spring might be giving us the slip with oddly heavy rainfall, but sure enough, it’s here. And where there are chirping birds, budding flowers...