This Week in Photos

The world around us, as captured by the photographers of City on a Hill Press.

UC President Headlines Unprecedented Political Fundraiser

Current UC president and former secretary of homeland security, Janet Napolitano, headlined a fundraiser on Sept. 20 in support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton...

Through Our Lens

This week in photos, take a look around the piers in San Francisco and venture further into all the sites and beauty that the city has to offer.

Through Our Pens: A Sampling of Artwork from CHP Artists

What does UCSC mean to you visually?  Recently your view might be the back of your classmates heads in a crowded lecture or the...

My Experience with Natural Supplements

Disclaimer: Consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. Supplements below can be found at your local or online retailer. Do not take more...

Taking Psychedelics to the Next Level

On February 15, over 350 students, professors, and community members gathered at the Humanities Lecture Hall to hear James Fadiman speak about psychedelic drugs.

Through Our Lens

UCLA DANCE MARATHON Since its inception in 2002, DM has sought to empower the UCLA campus community in the fight against pediatric AIDS, raising awareness...

Re-Pledging My Love For Greek Life

Students who frequent UCSC’s Quarry Plaza understand that the first week of the quarter is a game of Minesweeper for those actively trying to avoid contact with UCSC’s Greek letter organizations (GLOs). As a member of a women’s fraternity — a proud sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma — I’ve certainly had my hang-ups about joining a system with such a mysterious and elusive past. If you ask any student at UCSC about GLOs, most of them will murmur something vague about a “koi pond incident” — but nobody seems to know the facts.


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