Vibrant Vandalism

Graffiti is constantly looking for a home. Standing before a graffiti mural, the collection of colors and keen stylistic movement denotes the persistent argument of...

Taking Psychedelics to the Next Level

On February 15, over 350 students, professors, and community members gathered at the Humanities Lecture Hall to hear James Fadiman speak about psychedelic drugs.

Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations Build Against UCSC Professor

Content warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment and assault. *Name has been changed to protect the anonymity of this source **Gopal Balakrishnan is...

Localizing Global Initiatives

One-third of the food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted according to the United Nations. Yet to meet food demand levels by 2050...

Sea Lions, Pelicans and Whales …Oh my!

While capturing these photos, I felt as if everything except the ocean had stopped around me. The ocean is a fascinating body of water covering nearly 70 percent of Earth’s surface.

Get a CLUE: Santa Cruz vs. the LRDP

bout 85 percent of UC Santa Cruz students report experiencing problems with overcrowding, according to SUA’s Resolution on Over Enrollment. Despite being located in...

ICE Sweeps Northern Calif., Arresting Over 150

Over 150 people suspected of being in violation of immigration laws were arrested by federal agents across Northern California since Sunday, including the Bay...

Arrests a Poor Substitute for Negotiations

After 22 UC Santa Cruz students were arrested in last week’s United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2865 strike, any attempt at a peaceful protest was lost. The strikers were charged with allegedly blocking roads and UCSC’s West entrance, which left the UC police within their right to arrest protesters.

Balakrishnan Case Closed

Content warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment and assault. UCSC professor Gopal Balakrishnan was found by Title IX to have violated the university’s...

Campus Readies for Flu

The 2012–13 flu season arrived early, finding peaks on the East Coast in late December and early January as it moved to current reports of widespread geographic Influenza activity in 48 states — California included.


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