Violent Crime Rises in Santa Cruz County

Two violent encounters occurred near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last weekend, along with three shootings in Watsonville from last Thursday to Sunday and...

Through Our Pens: A Sampling of Artwork from CHP Artists

What does UCSC mean to you visually?  Recently your view might be the back of your classmates heads in a crowded lecture or the...

From Cowell Coffee Shop to Food Pantry

The Cowell Coffee Shop, which opened in 1985, will cease its cafe operations and be reopened as a basic needs hub with a food...

SF Rightfully Says ‘No” to Detaining for Deportation

Local police in San Francisco will no longer have to detain undocumented immigrants as part of a federal program by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Through Our Pens

This week's Through our Lens has a unique twist. For this issue, we're featuring illustrations from our team's artists for you to enjoy.

Through our Pens

This week, our illustrators offer comic relief in the face of issues students are up against. With police brutality against the Occupy movement — including the categorization of arms linked in protest as “violent” by the UCPD — the fleeing regents, and the tuition hike proposal that they’re dodging, we still have the funnies, right?

Through Our Lens: Devika Agarwal

Santana Row in San Jose offers a beautiful urban escape from repetitive school days. Walking down the row there are a variety of places...

This Week in Photos

Fire near ARC intentionally set by unknown person


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