Through our Lens

Photographer Morgan Grana explores the city of Seattle, WA.

A Different Kind of Winter Break

While most students spent the holiday season in the comfort of their homes savoring plenty of home-cooked meals, UC Santa Cruz’s basketball, swim and...

Through Our Lens: Kathryn Power

One of the great things about living on the westside is its proximity to my favorite part of Santa Cruz: Westcliff.  Every day—morning, afternoon...

Through our Pens

This week, our illustrators offer comic relief in the face of issues students are up against. With police brutality against the Occupy movement — including the categorization of arms linked in protest as “violent” by the UCPD — the fleeing regents, and the tuition hike proposal that they’re dodging, we still have the funnies, right?

A Time to Dance

Local dancers step up to create a home for their hidden art form.

Through our Lens

We spend the majority of our days staring into eyes, noticing noses, looking at lips, fingering hair, but seldom do we break from the...

Through Our Lens

In this week's Through our Lens, Morgan Grana takes us on a journey through Yosemite National Park during the chilly winter season.

Through Our Lens

This week in Through Our Lens Toby Silverman used seven rolls of film while taking a 100 block walk through Manhattan; from 125th to SoHo to the Alphabet blocks and down to the Brooklyn Bridge, he documented the shapes and skyscrapers of our nation's busiest city.

Safe and (Seismically) Sound

After two years of studies and consulting, Physical Planning and Construction determined it is less costly to move or construct new buildings for five on-campus buildings deemed seismically unsound by the UC Office of the President.


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