Feeling (Un)prepared for the Labor Force

Only 36 percent of undergraduate students believe their schools prepared them to be successful in the workplace, according to a recent survey from Gallup...

Millennials: Fighting For Change or Failing to Turn Out?

Home is a confusing thing when you’re a college student. Is it where you grew up? Where your college is located? A little bit...

Big Money in Small Races

The Supreme Court rendered limits on individual campaign contributions unconstitutional in Citizens United eight years ago, and the effects are being felt today at...

The Who of the Housing Crisis

Jane Eng paid $650 a month for a one-bedroom cottage in Live Oak in 1990 when she first moved to Santa Cruz. Her wages ...

Guide to State Ballot Measures

California’s voters will be asked to vote yes or no on 11 state propositions come Nov. 6. We researched all 11 measures — here’s...

Environmental Policies to Watch

In the upcoming election, voters will have the ability to impact the outcomes of several bills and programs affecting the state and country’s environmental...

Accessible Voting in Santa Cruz

Every voter knows that feeling you get after you cast a ballot — that swell of pride, the uncontainable joy of slapping on an...

Editors’ Note Regarding Candidate Forum

In the print edition of the article “Candidates Gather for On-Campus Forum,” City on a Hill Press mischaracterized the effects of an amendment to...


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