Dear CHP staff,

As a 34-year resident of Santa Cruz who has been active in men’s anti-sexist activities and has followed issues of feminism and sexual exploitation for all that time (including helping to drive Miss California out of town), I cannot for the life of me see what the fuss is about the American Apparel ads.  They are tame compared to even Vanity Fair, Abercrombie … you name it.

   I know having ads like this is probably a first for CHP, and whether you should accept ads like this is one issue.  But please don’t tell me these are exploitative.  I keep waiting to see an ad that will truly offend me, but I haven’t.

   What is questionable is American Apparel itself, and that is probably where you should focus.  There have been many shows on TV — 60 minutes, etc. — about this controversial company that appears to have liberal employment policies and yet its CEO is a person of questionable ethics.  He is one of those persons who can’t be categorized beyond being a little kooky, but his company is certainly one that people need to know more about before supporting it economically.

*Dan Dickmeyer*