Who the Hell Asked You?!


    Question: What song sums up your decade?


    (from left to right)

    “‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly.” Why? “Global warming.”
    Spencer Moody
    Second-year, Stevenson

    “‘Yes’ by LMFAO. It’s the best party song.”
    Michelle Manoogian
    Third-year, Stevenson

    “‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk’ by Trace Adkins. I’m in the middle of nowhere, so it takes me back to my country roots.”
    Tyler Hudson
    Second-year, Merrill

    “‘Loud Pipes’ by Ratatat, because every time I listen to it I go through a journey in my memories … certain flashes of awesomeness come back when I hear that song.”
    Leo Ritz-Barr
    Third-year, College Nine
    Politics & Community Studies

    Compiled by Julie Eng and Morgan Grana.