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02 Dec 2022
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Candidate Profile: Amrit Sidhu
By Bruce Tran

Amrit Sidhu studies health sciences and politics as a fourth-year student at UCSC. She is currently running for the position of SUA commissioner of academic affairs, and wants to bring a new perspective to the SUA.

“I want a direct link between students and the decision-making bodies so they can express their viewpoints based off the struggles that they go through,” Sidhu said. “The system that we have right now is too indirect and too filtered, very misrepresentative of the opinions [of a large amount of students]. I will be the one to represent the misrepresented opinion. I want to create the space where people could represent themselves.”

Sidhu said she believes there is a lack of transparency on the administrative level as well as the SUA level of the university. If elected, she said she will work to improve the flow of information to students.

Sidhu participated in several protests on campus, including the library study-ins, the November protests, and the March 4 protests that took place last year.

“This school is good at saying things and painting a very pretty picture of the campus, but in reality all of the problems are brushed under the rug,” Sidhu said. “Once you start going to school here, you start to understand what is going on.”

She is strongly pushing for the creation of a race and ethnic studies department that does not currently exist at UCSC.

“There must be something that allows student to critically analyze themselves and the problems inherent within … the community,” Sidhu said.

As a candidate, Sidhu said she will strive to “break down the political barriers that exist within the structure of the SUA body and make it less intimidating for students to interact with the student government.”

Sidhu said she wants remind the public that “we are all students too.”

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