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02 Dec 2022

Candidate Profile: Austin Hall
By CHP Staff

Austin Hall, a first-year history major from College Nine, is running on the progressive slate for SUA College Nine representative.

This past year, Hall was one of three appointed representatives from the College Nine Senate. Hall enjoyed working with SUA, so he decided to run for the elected representative position.

“I believe that anyone who is willing to try is qualified for the position,” Hall said. “I was highly involved before and I got involved in the first place because I am interested in campus-wide concerns.”

As a representative, Hall was involved with SUA’s Lobby Corps, which lobbies in Sacramento and increases student awareness of budget issues, UC Santa Cruz structure and UC structure as a whole.

“Next year I would continue to be involved in that grand scheme of things while keeping in mind my College Nine Senate and the university as a whole,” Hall said, “and taking their points of view with me wherever I would go — if I continue to lobby, or if I move into another field.”

As a representative of College Nine, which houses a large percentage of the international students attending UCSC, Hall plans to support international and global perspectives. More specifically, Hall intends to support groups that involve the promotion or celebration of world cultures.

While continuing in SUA, working with the budget is a major focus for Hall. He said that one does not have to look far to see individuals affected by the budget cuts and tuition increases, and emphasized the importance of education in this economic climate.

“As a history major, one of the things you always study is that the countries that succeed are typically the countries that educate their people,” Hall said. “I am all for public education for people who can’t afford it, like myself.”

Hall would like to look into getting the amphitheater up and running again. Additionally, Hall would focus on reducing class sizes and impacted majors, and keep university students involved with the world outside the university.

Hall says that UCSC’s greatest strength is the ten-college system, because it allows people to group and grow in smaller units before becoming adjusted to the larger unit of the UCSC campus. As a representative of College Nine, Hall would work to put that strength into action.

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