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04 Dec 2022
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Candidate Profile: Blake Hooper
By CHP Staff

Blake Hooper has been representing Crown College as a student representative for a year, and says that he “understands the sentiments of Crown when it comes to the SUA.” Hooper, a third-year politics major, is running for the elected position of Crown College representative.

His hope is to continue acting as a mediator between Crown College and the SUA, which occasionally are at odds.

“The SUA spends lots of money, Crown doesn’t understand why, Crown gets irritated,” Hooper said. “There’s more to it than that, and I feel like Iʼd be a good mediating factor between the two.”

Hooper is also very much aware of the budget situation at UCSC, as well as the confusion surrounding it.

“We donʼt know how [budget concerns] will affect us,” Hooper said. “Thatʼs the thing I think the SUA could be the most helpful for, in trying to do some measure of damage control.”

In addition, Hooper is concerned about the lack of centrality and community at UCSC.

“Iʼd like to see more centralized gathering areas,” he said. “We have no sense of community. Itʼd be nice if we had more central areas, so that [one] side of campus could be connected to the other.”

With regard to national and state politics, Hooper appreciates the representatives, but said that polarization among parties and the slates, or political platforms, continues to be an issue.

“I enjoy the slates. I think [the candidates are] all great people,” Hooper said. “Apart from that, I find they can be quite divisive.”

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