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02 Dec 2022

Candidate Profile: Guy Herschmann
By Mark Rad

Guy Herschmann is running for Student Union Assembly (SUA) Chair as an independent with an emphasis on change. He is a Stevenson College third-year, business economics and politics major who is currently a Student Outreach Intern for Santa Cruz Hillel, a campus Jewish organization, and chair of Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee. He hopes to improve SUA recognition across campus and wants to achieve that recognition creatively.

Herschmann said he wants to bring more accountability to the SUA, and give on-campus organizations more funding than is currently allocated. He said that not enough is being done to help on-campus organizations, and some organizations, like fraternities and sororities get very little money despite being a large campus contingent.

“When I last checked, only 6 percent of money given out goes to on-campus organizations,” Herschmann said. “I want to double that.”

Herschmann said he finds that the biggest problem on campus is that the SUA is too exclusive for some students. As well, he said he feels that there are too many students who may not know about the SUA or what the SUA does. Herschmann plans to change that, and the culture of the SUA. To do this, he hopes to hold student outreach events like “Coffee with Guy” or “Donuts With Guy” if elected, one on one events where students can get to know their SUA chair better.

“I want to do more outreach to regular students through the SUA,” said Herschmann, “like holding creative events, like a good welcome week with a sick artist to get this mission accomplished.”

Herschmann said the student body is impassioned, but lacks the tools for success. He wants to use the SUA funding and connections wisely to give student organizations a better chance to succeed.

“UCSC has a passionate student base that is looking to get involved and improve campus life,” Herschmann said. “We have so many wonderful student organizations. People want to make a difference, and they need SUA guidance.”

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