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04 Dec 2022

Candidate Profile: Nelson Cortez
By CHP Staff

Nelson Cortez knows things aren’t going so well for the University of California right now. With a budget crisis leading to cuts all across the board, student organizations — as well as the university itself — are facing some dire straits. As elements of UC Santa Cruz begin to deteriorate, Cortez wants to do everything in his power to save them.

The Merrill College third-year sees a lack of information as the reason why students may not be fighting as hard for their education as they could be, and that is exactly what he wants to change.

“There’s a lot of events outside of UCSC that people don’t know about,” Cortez said. “There’s a lot of students who don’t know what’s happening in Sacramento. I want to inform students so they can know what’s happening and do something about it.”

With a year and a half of experience working in the Executive Affairs Office, Cortez said that he would like to bring more educational events, such as forums and workshops, to UCSC. A current member of the University of California Student Association (UCSA) board and executive committee, Cortez said he would like bring more visibility and transparency to the UCSA through these collaborative events.

Ultimately, Cortez, who is running on the progressive slate, says his motivation for running lies in his support of student organizations. He sees the opportunities students can get through these organizations as a huge benefit to the community, and with those organizations being threatened by impending budget issues, Cortez says he hopes to be a part of the effort to help save them.

“[Student organizations] are what make UCSC great,” Cortez said. “That’s why we need to fight for these resources to stay.”

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