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02 Dec 2022

Candidate Profile: Sindy Ramirez
By Mitchell Bates

First-year Oakes College student and biology major Sindy Ramirez is running for SUA organizing director on the progressive slate, along with Amanda Buchanan for assembly chair, Victor Velasco for internal vice chair, Nwadiuto Amajoyi for commissioner of diversity and Nelson Cortez for external vice chair. Ramirez plans to focus on campus issues, addressing the varied needs of the UCSC student population.

As a studious and academically focused individual, Ramirez did not originally plan to get involved in the inner workings of campus life. She experienced a change of heart last summer during a UC Student Association conference.

“Being a UCSC student is so much more than perusing academics,” Ramirez said. “It’s important to give back to the community. I want to improve the campus for all students.”

Ramirez gained applicable experience over the past year both by working under the current organizing director, Nestor Rivera, and by serving as the campaign director for the current external vice chair, Claudia Magaña.

While many previous SUA campaigns have focused on off-campus issues, Ramirez plans to concentrate on problems that affect the UCSC campus.

“I’m going to improve student life by ensuring our campaigns are actually campaigns students want,” Ramirez said. “I want to reach out to students through organization meetings to see what their needs are. From there I want to work with other offices around campus to generate campaigns that would benefit the student population.”

Ramirez wants to see the campus return to a more academic student focus and said student resources, like tutoring hours, should never be on the line during budget cuts.

“Our student resources should never be at stake,” Ramirez said. “They need to be improved.”

By focusing on campus campaigns, Ramirez hopes to ensure victories in relevant issues, empowering students and creating a domino effect of positive change.

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