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26 Nov 2022

Candidate Profile: Victor Velasco
By CHP Staff

Victor Velasco, a politics and literature double major from Kresge College, is running for a seat as the internal vice chair of the SUA. As a first-year, he said that he brings a new perspective to the table when dealing with legislature, something that many of the older candidates may have lost in their time at UCSC.

The office of the internal vice chair of affairs (IVC) performs the main function of overseeing the Student Committee on Committees (SCOC), which is an integral part of student representation on campus. Sort of a main advocate for campus, the IVC works directly to recruit students into the SCOC, which in turn handles nominations of student representatives to other committees.

“We’re focusing on increasing student outreach and organizational outreach — mixers and town halls are not enough,” Velasco said.

Velasco said many students do not know how to access or actively take part in the issues that directly affect them.

“[If elected] I would propose to go down to these colleges personally and discuss these issues with students to expand their knowledge about these subjects,” he said.

As one of his goals, Velasco aims to make advising more available to the student body.

“There’s multiple issues,” Velasco said. “One of the ones I’m working on is to improve TAs’ advising hours, as well as opening up more advising opportunities for the students that need it. I’m currently talking to the IVC and we’re trying to work something out — nothing concrete yet, however.”

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